Telstraclear cable broadband

Telstraclear cable broadband I had a letter from them today my cable broadband is going up $5 and the line rental $1..I would have thought pricing would be going down not up...

geek_filly, Jun 11, 8:29 am

Hehehe once one thing starts goin up - everythin else follows

geek_domiqe1, Jun 11, 8:31 am

And thenThey have the cheek to send this eamil..

We are delighted to announce that New Zealanders have voted TelstraClear the best nationwide ISP at the annual NetGuide People's Choice Web Awards for 2008.

NetGuide called for public voting for Best ISP in New Zealand based on reliability, price, access, support and extras...and New Zealanders voted TelstraClear the winner.

A big thanks to those of you who took the time to place your vote and support TelstraClear.

A sample comment received:

"Great service, friendly help when necessary and
great anti-spam protection."

We take great pride in receiving this award and with it our customers vote of confidence in the Internet services we provide.

This award comes on top of our Number 1 ranking in broadband performance from Epitiro, for two quarters in a row*.

Thank you for choosing TelstraClear.

What a nerve

geek_filly, Jun 11, 8:34 am

Wow going up a WHOLE five bucks...ohhh dear me

geek_pixma, Jun 11, 8:38 am

It's not the first time it's happened in the 18 months I've had my account. Still no viable alternative though.

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 11, 8:40 am

I know The have got you if you change the line rental goes up...sods...

geek_filly, Jun 11, 8:41 am

Wow that's interesting. I've been with cable broadband since 2006 and i've had no price changes. No letters saying so and also nothing about a price rise is on their website..

geek_lifesteala, Jun 11, 10:17 am


geek_rz_zone, Jun 11, 10:32 am

Telstraclears prices for phone lines outside of ch-ch and wellington are goin up because telecom are increasing there wholesale prices. must be to compensate telecoms declining customer database, lol

geek_domiqe1, Jun 11, 5:47 pm

Re.7 We just got letter $1 phone increase and $10 broadband increase, yet you are right, nothing at all on the website.

geek_malignghoul, Jun 12, 3:44 am

Re.8 Thanks. Didn't see that.

geek_malignghoul, Jun 12, 3:57 am