Anyone famliar with Oki C3600 colour laser printer

susievb, Sep 10, 10:34pm
I have got a second hand printer but it only prints in black as when you press 'print' a window opens with 'setup, job options, and color tabs', but when you click on the color tab every thing is de-selected and greyed out, and the the dot is on greyscale.

Anyone know how I can get it unselected so I can get the dot on the auto color option. There is a cancel button but it does nothing.

twaymouth, Sep 11, 10:41am
Are all the color toner cartridges full and in place! if one is empty or missing / faulty the printer most likely will not be able to print color

susievb, Sep 11, 9:47pm
I rang Oki and it turns out the universal driver is not so universal, but the lovely man sorted me out and I now can print in colour. I though as it was a second hand printer oki might not want to bother helping me, but very helpful.

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