Any advice!

cube_guy, Sep 11, 6:18am
Not a huge issue, but I just did a Windows 7 reinstall because I got a bigger SSD. Have installed all drivers for everything and is going great.

The issue I am having is when I plug in my USB headset for use with Xfire and whatnot, the sound for the game and voice still comes back through my speakers, and not the headset. Before the reinstall, as soon as I plugged in the headset, all audio streams went straight to the headset. Now the only way I can get sound through the headset is to go into sound in the control panel and change the headset to the default speakers. Its just a pain to do this every time.

What am I missing here!

lostdude, Sep 11, 6:33am
Set your headset as the default in the game > Sound/Audio options, not in control panel.

cube_guy, Sep 11, 6:45am
Nope, thats the thing. Beforehand, it didn't matter what the settings were in the game, as soon as I plugged the USB headset in, the sound went straight to it. No changing sound options anywhere.

cube_guy, Sep 11, 8:34pm
Uninstalled then reinstalled everything for my X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty soundcard, and now its working again like before. Weird.

drcspy, Sep 11, 8:46pm
FYI you needent have done a reinstall tho I have read that 'they' dont necessarily reccomend writing an existing image onto ssd but you can do that and afterwards run some thing like paragon partition alignment tool.I did this last time I had to rewrite my system onto an ssd and it worked very well

cube_guy, Sep 11, 8:59pm
Its good starting out fresh I reckon, and it probably would of taken me longer to figure out how to do all that as opposed to reinstalling from scratch.

lostdude, Sep 11, 10:25pm
You didn't need to reinstall anything. You just merely had to set your headset as default then restart or log off & on again so those changes will be saved to your profile & remembered.

cube_guy, Sep 11, 11:04pm
And then what happens when the headphone isn't being used! You wouldn't get any sound out of the speakers.

lostdude, Sep 11, 11:09pm
As soon as you pull a device, it'll default back to another. So if your onboard sound is the only available device after you pull your headset, it'll automatically default back to it, but if you still have more than one device, it'll default back to the most recently used one. it aint rocket science.

cube_guy, Sep 11, 11:31pm
Fair enough, I didn't know that.

drcspy, Sep 11, 11:40pm
what kinda ssd did you get ! I have an OCZ 60GB vertex2 in my laptop .is fast (grin)

cube_guy, Sep 11, 11:42pm
Went from a OCZ Agility 60GB to a Corsair Force 3 120GB.

drcspy, Sep 12, 12:59am have sata 3 ! or maybe goin to stuff that drive in a later pc at some stage anyway !

cube_guy, Sep 12, 2:04am
I have a x58 Asus Sabretooth, which has a very dodgy Sata 3 interface. I couldn't get it to run stable (which is apparently pretty common with this board) so I have it running in Sata2 at the moment. Will be good for the future when I feel it necessary to upgrade to a newer platform.

cube_guy, Sep 12, 2:08am
Is still a good bit faster on boot and whatnot than the OCZ drive. And having double the capacity is good for keeping a few more games and etc on. Still worth it even if it isn't running to its full potential.

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