Good brand/model of ADSL2+ modem router

.with 802.11n wifi and at least 4 ethernet sockets. Absolutely sick of this Thomson piece of junk. I seem to always have issues with Thomson, is it just me! It constantly restarts itself, it crashes whenever I enable uPnP. My father's Thomson is the same. Anyway aside from that, what's a good brand. I need something robust, perhaps with dual antennae. Is Linksys a reliable brand!

geek_puddleduck00, Sep 13, 10:48 pm

Thomson are fine basic routers - of course u forget that Telecom give them away.:)

Yeah most LinkSys ones are going to be fine - actually there are LOTS of routers on a par with Thomson for less then $200 (so many for less then $100).

I am a bit wary of Belkin - but that's just me. NetGear or LinkSys = A+ and I loved the LinkSys phone support - took awhile to get thru - but a good result.

geek_groovebox, Sep 13, 11:00 pm

2Wire all the way

geek_swivel, Sep 13, 11:30 pm

I wouldn't buy a low end Linksys - they tend to run hot and are crashy with standard firmware. Most of them can be run with alternative firmware which does help, but you shouldn't have to mess about like that to get a stable product.

I've found cheap TP-Link products to be a better bet

geek_vtecintegra, Sep 13, 11:33 pm

+1. They are not a bad device for the $ and great for 90% of peoples needs.

geek_groovebox, Sep 14, 12:07 am

Yip, great bang for buck IMO. Very stable too.

Over pretty old and shoddy home wiring:


geek_profink, Sep 14, 12:17 am

geek_lostdude, Sep 14, 12:48 am

Cheers guys. Sold.

geek_puddleduck00, Sep 14, 9:16 am

Only potential downside to those is they are 10/100, not gigabit. In hindsight wish I'd got a gigabit one.

geek_smac, Sep 14, 9:17 am

I don't really transfer large files across the network, so I'm not too worried. Pretty good price really.

geek_puddleduck00, Sep 14, 9:58 am

Just reporting back to say cheers everyone for the advice on the TP-Link. It arrived yesterday and it's way more stable and believe it or not I can download at over 2MB/s constantly - my Thomson seemed to max out at half that speed.Not sure why. Everything about this router is 10 times better.

geek_puddleduck00, Sep 17, 2:43 pm

Belkin have a manufacturers lifetime warranty

geek_kieran211, Sep 17, 8:25 pm

That can be easily solved by a buying a $40 gigabit network switch. Far cheaper than buying an AIO that costs an extra $150 or so JUST for that functionality.

geek_lostdude, Sep 17, 8:28 pm