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rugbyreff, Sep 16, 2:18am
Thats a good discussion, thanks for posting it

timvdw, Sep 16, 2:34am
Thinking around the current legislation (purely as a mental exercise) have you considered a seedbox!Basically a server in a country outside NZ US or AU that has a torrent client and GBs of storage and unlimited bandwidth.Basically it seems the seedbox downloads (and seeds) torrents to your order and you just FTP the files off when you are ready (offpeak rates!).This is using any protocol and port you choose HTTP/FTP SCP etc.

timvdw, Sep 16, 2:39am
Never mind VPN - who is your ISP and where are you getting those speeds.I have a theoretical max of 6Mbs on my Telecom infra

rugbyreff, Sep 16, 4:31am
Yes I have given thought to a seedbox as well, but there seems to be some problems in that the company owning the seedboxes can look into what you have stored and if it breaches copyright they terminate your account. I would rather for that not to happen. And to be safe I would use a VPN in conjunction with a seedbox if necessary

puddleduck00, Sep 16, 5:01am
I've tried a socks5 torrent proxy (BTguard), BT guard VPN and HMA VPN. All are ridiculously slow. I'm on Slungshit.

little_egypt, Sep 16, 5:30am
seedbox companies are generally well aware that the vast majority of their customers will be using the seedbox for copyright infringement, and if they started kicking people off for that they'd quickly be out of business. The better ones refuse to keep any logs as well, so that if they're ordered by a court to hand over all their records there's nothing to hand over.

puddleduck00, Sep 16, 6:11am
I just tried HMA and I about 30KB/s to Australia. I wonder why speed is so shit when yours is so good.

bussani, Sep 16, 6:17am
But most VPNs can also see what you're downloading, and may even be quicker to terminate accounts than seedboxes. A lot of VPNs don't even allow the use of torrents on their services.

rugbyreff, Sep 16, 6:29am
I know HMAS don't, they say it on their website and in their T&C and its all over the internet that they don't care

puddleduck00, Sep 16, 7:55am
True, is a good idea to read the FAQ before signing up to a VPN. I'm yet to find a decent VPN.

rugbyreff, Sep 16, 8:56am
Yeah I'm sure you and I aren't the only ones!

swivel, Sep 16, 9:05am
Yes from the VPN. But not to the VPN. So if they are watching whats going to the VPN, then they will be able to work out whats going from the VPN. Plus if you have a VPN (in your name) and pirated stuff is going there, then think about it.


rugbyreff, Sep 16, 9:15am
I'm fairly sure that a VPN encrypts the entire connection, not just one way, otherwise it would be an almost worthless technology

swivel, Sep 16, 10:12am
Now that depends what you use from the file to the VPN, and most p2p etc doesn't do it.

swivel, Sep 16, 10:13am
Hell who cares, you get 2 notices then just change to another ISP

rugbyreff, Sep 16, 1:34pm
I kind of want to at least try and avoid any notices, and theres no other decent provider of unlimited bandwidth plans apart from Kinect which is who I am with

teroopu, Sep 16, 4:21pm
have been trying out Astrill today and by far it is the fastest VPN I've used.Didnt even notice any loss of speeds when conected to Austria, Switzerland or US.Thanks for the headsup Pocoz.

rugbyreff, Sep 17, 3:35am
Thats good news, what others have you tried, out of interest

poco131, Sep 17, 6:28am
You're welcome :) After much much research, I had it narrowed down to hide my ass or astrill. Did a trial with both. Hma was almost unusable for me it was so slow, but astrill is awesome. I don't notice any speed loss either, and when I'm watching some of the programs I miss from Canada, there's no buffering. How I wish I had known about this for the winter Olympics so I could have watched Canadian commentators!

Another option (and free) for those that want to watch tv in the states is anchor shield. As far as I could figure out you could only get a Yankee ip addy so it was no good for watching programs from a different country other than the states, but it worked well when I tried it.


jacqui069, Sep 17, 7:32am
i use www.cyberdodge.co.nz it's a nz based company, works in nz dollars. Pretty awsome, worth every cent, have been using it for a week now. Signing up to a 1 year package when this current week expires. Cheapest out there as other vpn companies work in us dollars.

Lets stick it to the goverment with a nz based vpn system :D

rugbyreff, Sep 17, 7:35am
Their prices are comparatively more expensive compared to others out there. And I dont like the idea of a NZ based company when it com,es to revealing details about users

jacqui069, Sep 17, 9:48am
The servers aren't nz based. Read the details :\. They are cheaper, if you look at the prices and actually follow through on a purchase they all want you to pay in USD not NZD. Seems like i'm saving a fair bit when you take into account the currency change over.

They also state in their terms and conditions. They only keep logs for 48 hours, based more to keep an eye on pedo porn lovers, spam mail all that kind of stuff. Torrenting and downloading p2p is totally fine. That and you can also access american internet tv :D

aragorn2003, Sep 17, 10:04am
Ummm theyre expensive . Astrill for a 3 month plan is NZ$12 a month thats $36 , Cyberdodge is $50 . even more expensive if you get the 1 year plan.

not taking a dig or anything just pointing it out

rugbyreff, Sep 17, 11:44am
Like I said, theyre on the expensive side. And theres companies out there who say they (supposedly) dont keep logs at all

poco131, Sep 17, 12:33pm
Cyberdodge is $160NZ per year. Astrill is $70US, which when converted is around $85-90NZ, which is a considerable savings. Actually all of Cyberdodge's plans are more expensive by a fair margin, even taking into account paying in USD. Paying in USD doesn't necessarily mean paying more.

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