Whats the best VPN provider!

Exactly. And
I would hate for there to be an uproar if they were found to be helping people break the law then then they would be pressured to release their user details and that wouldnt be good. Offshore is safer in that regard

geek_rugbyreff, Sep 18, 1:51 am

This was on NZ Herald this morning, quite surprising that the admin fee is whats stopping the copyright holders

geek_rugbyreff, Sep 18, 12:33 pm

"a credit system was being set up next week so internet providers could send the warnings and claim the administration fee." They're just getting things set up for the onslaught.

geek_badcam, Sep 18, 12:42 pm

Its still gonna cost them $25 each time, thats not going away. Its just delaying the cost

geek_rugbyreff, Sep 18, 1:38 pm

Yes, by a week. Somehow, I don't think that the $25.00 admin fee will be an issue. They're just putting a system in place that will ensure they can pay that fee in the simplest way possible.

geek_badcam, Sep 18, 2:17 pm

Because none of the rightsholders thought to contact any ISP and sort out how they were going to handle this in the four months between the law was passed and when it actually came into effect!

geek_little_egypt, Sep 18, 2:31 pm

Besides, RIANZ or whoever they are will only deal with music most likely

geek_rugbyreff, Sep 18, 3:22 pm

Cyberdodge is $160NZ per year. Astrill is $70US, which when converted is around $85-90NZ, which is a considerable savings. Actually all of Cyberdodge's plans are more expensive by a fair margin than many of the vpn's I looked at, even taking into account the conversion from USD. Paying in USD for something doesn't necessarily mean paying more than a service charging NZD.

geek_poco131, Sep 19, 12:33 am

Just gave Astrill a whirl and yeah, its not too bad. Maxed out my connection to Luxembourg when I was downloading a torrent. Speeds to the US also is pretty quick

geek_rugbyreff, Sep 19, 12:09 pm

A question. do you need vpn with a seedbox!

geek_kimmy1961, Sep 19, 1:38 pm

I wouldn't be so sure, they would have done that if they were really going to get pirates in this backward country.

geek_swivel, Sep 19, 1:59 pm

I guess we will find out in time

geek_rugbyreff, Sep 19, 4:51 pm

other similar services cheaper are certainly worth a look (if you feel the need to use such) however even $160 per year is only $0.44c per day hardly likely to break the bank and very cheap really

geek_drcspy, Sep 19, 4:57 pm

My point was actually to the poster who was saying that cyberdodge was the cheapest because they billed in NZ dollars. I was doing a cost comparison of 2 different vpn services to show that being billed in US dollars, even converted to NZ, does not necessarily mean more money. And why pay $160 when you can pay a bit more than half that for the same service that has many more servers in many more countries! It may not break the bank, but I put that extra money to use elsewhere.

geek_poco131, Sep 19, 5:55 pm

Definitely +1 there from me

geek_rugbyreff, Sep 19, 6:40 pm

i definitely dont disagree with you at all I was simply saying that even that 'expensive' optionj costs bugger all

geek_drcspy, Sep 19, 7:18 pm

Yeah true but it's like buying something in one store at x price or buying something in a sale for 50% off

geek_rugbyreff, Sep 19, 7:30 pm

Yes, true that. Not bad at all for a service that lets you watch a bit of home now and then.

geek_poco131, Sep 19, 9:54 pm

Anyway, are there any other VPNs people would recommend!

geek_rugbyreff, Sep 20, 3:15 am

Cybderdodge has multiple servers, check their site, they are all over the world. It's nz owned Yes, but all the logs/servers are over seas. So by the time the local authorities in this country follow the right channels to order the logs. They are already whiped. Takes around 56 hours to obtain court documents to obtain over sea's log files. Hence why they delete them every 24 hours ;)

I'm stoaked for what cyberdodge offered, i'm totally secure on my downloads and i also have access to US tv portal websites so i can access all their tv content. + Free voip calling because they think i'm in the states ;)

Or whatever country i chose to be in for the day. Excuse the spelling i'm exhausted.

geek_jacqui069, Sep 22, 12:54 pm

I still don't like the idea of using a NZ based VPN, they would be a pushover if the govt decided to try and roll them. I just think there is no real advantage in using a NZ based VPN, after all you're intending to be in another country after all

geek_rugbyreff, Sep 22, 4:25 pm

I use OverPlay.

US$9.95/mo for access to 48 servers around the world. Very easy to use and I haven't noticed any issues with speed.

geek_brae81, Sep 22, 8:09 pm

Thanks, I'll look into it

geek_rugbyreff, Sep 22, 8:14 pm

Just because it's nz based doesn't really mean anything, by the time they apply to the courts etc for the logs they are whiped. 48 hours is the minimum you can keep logs before deleting them legally. All vpn servers are the same. Just knowing that i can get in contact with some kiwi's if there is a problem and i'm investing my money into new zealand. My money stays in new zealand and works for new zealand. Why pay the yanks! I'm pretty sure you could strike some deals with cyberdodge.co.nz considering they are a knew company and are after the consumer base.

geek_jacqui069, Sep 23, 5:01 pm

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geek_guest, Sep 24, 6:56 pm

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geek_guest, Sep 26, 7:31 pm

New VPN service started recently by a couple of Kiwi blokes http://0strikes.net.nz plans starting from just NZ$3.50. Servers in Austria, India, Russia, Romania, Germany, Netherlands and France. GUARANTEED NO LOGGING :)

geek_graeme, Sep 30, 9:33 am

For those using Astrill, are you using OpenWeb or OpenVPN? I'm using OpenVPN as I believe it is more secure for P2P, but the speeds are much slower than what I get when not connected trough VPN. Just wanted to know if there were any settings that should be adjusted to get better speeds.

geek_guest, Oct 3, 1:04 pm

just sayin thnx to geek_graeme been with them now for 2 weekz solid as i recommend his post

geek_guest, Oct 24, 11:14 pm

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geek_guest, Jul 10, 7:28 pm