Can i use 2 telecom adsl connection at the same

Can i use 2 telecom adsl connection at the same time on one phone line or must i only use them one at a time.

geek_mastersensei, Jun 12, 9:57 am

One at a time only as far as i am aware.....

geek__sexylady_, Jun 12, 10:03 am

you tryna set up a network?

geek_rz_zone, Jun 12, 10:24 am

only one at a time. You can use dialup and broadband at the same time however.

geek_shrapz, Jun 12, 10:28 am

ONE connection to BB Per phone line Under domestic situations. Not sure about the big business plans. I think most plans are simply split through a server hub from the single BB plan enabled to a perticuler home/office

geek_mrfxit, Jun 12, 10:32 am

Otherwise NO

geek_mrfxit, Jun 12, 10:33 am

Why would you want two? If you're wanting to use more than one computer then all you need is a router or qos switch.

geek_babcorp, Jun 12, 11:39 am

Not quite Bab All they need is a moden 4 or 8 port hub & whatever network cables are needed for the number of computers, (all moden network hubs are "auto switching hubs")& are only about $20 to $45 for 4 /5 or even 8 port hubs.

geek_mrfxit, Jun 12, 11:50 am

Thanks wait ill explain better I have 1 adsl telecom account and want 1 more adsl account, will telecom allow me too use 2 adsl accounts on 1 phone line but i will be using them 1 at a time.

geek_mastersensei, Jun 12, 12:03 pm

AgaIN WHY would you want to?

geek_jacqui248, Jun 12, 12:06 pm

Pretty sure NO Also no real point in have 2 accounts but only using 1 at a time. Pay twice for using the same time frame .. .. Na makes no sense to me.

geek_mrfxit, Jun 12, 12:07 pm

NO! The only way you can have 2 running in your house is by having a separate line connected. You will then have 2 line charges & 2 separate adsl charges.

geek_google0, Jun 12, 1:29 pm

Google0 ok Even if i dont run both accounts at the same time.

geek_mastersensei, Jun 12, 2:17 pm

Wellll I thought adsl connections were tied into the actual phone connecton/number.

geek_soodanim, Jun 12, 2:20 pm

Even if you dont run them at the same time.. Xtra/Telecom use your phone & account number to register. You can only use 1 account per adsl connection.. So yeh, start up another phone line & account number & your all go.. As above, dial up is all good though.. Or perhaps look at other ISP's?

geek_google0, Jun 12, 3:54 pm

I doubt it's an isp issue.......if you try to plug two adsl routers into the same line one will cut the other one off......

geek_drcspy, Jun 12, 4:10 pm

You can use twoIt's a very advanced process thoughFriend had to get his ISP to come and make another cable right to his house from exchangethen he somehow gets it so that it goes double the speed, as he uses both cables at the same timehe's explained it to me, but most of it was way over my head.

geek_rahto, Jun 12, 4:34 pm

In other words - your friend has two phonelines. All houses actually should be wired for two, you can connect adsl modem/routers to both and connect these to a network access controller with two WAN ports.

geek_spyware, Jun 12, 6:38 pm

....thanks alot .. i guess ill have too get 2 phone lines

geek_mastersensei, Jun 12, 8:03 pm

I suggestyou look into it a bit further with telecom first. It's also quite expensive.

geek_rahto, Jun 12, 8:49 pm

What is the reason to get two connections you can share ONE connection with heaps of computers potentially. An individual connection is not necessary and expensive for each computer. I have two computers using one connection.

geek_kickpac5, Jun 12, 9:50 pm

Nounfortunately It would save a few hassles

geek_killer34, Jun 12, 10:03 pm

: What is "It"? ?

geek_kickpac5, Jun 12, 10:08 pm

Wireless router Get one of these and two wireless network cards. Save running network cables around

geek_pesl, Jun 12, 10:22 pm

Some people just have too much money to burn*mumbles lucky b@stard*

geek_babcorp, Jun 12, 10:27 pm