What does this icon mean on my Galaxy S2!

michaelqian, Sep 17, 5:18am
Got this phone today. Overall very happy, although the keypad takes a while to get used to. I have three identical icons in a row on the top left hand corner, they are the SAMSUNG APPS icons. On the big Samsung Apps Icon under Applications, there is a "1" on it. How can I get rid of this! Cheers

michaelqian, Sep 17, 5:20am
hmmm I just went into it, and updated something, now I've got 4 of those bloody things up there!

leeso, Sep 17, 5:21am
Maybe there is an update for some software you have!

drcspy, Sep 17, 5:23am

pyro_sniper2002, Sep 17, 5:31am
Yeah it's app updates.

michaelqian, Sep 17, 5:40am
How do i stop it! Kind of annoys me with a bunch of unwanted icons. Cheers

suicidemonkey, Sep 17, 5:56am

owene, Sep 17, 6:10am
Paint over it with Vivid.

wazza102, Sep 17, 6:55am

lostdude, Sep 17, 7:22am
More money than sense. I suggest you invest in brain research. Then you'll have first dibs in that pill they used in Limitless ROFL.

acura, Sep 17, 12:17pm
They are simply notifications. Run you finger from top most of the screen downwards - that'll open a window which gives you amongst other things the ability to view details of the updates and clear them if you don't want to see them anymore.

n1smo_gtir, Sep 17, 12:55pm
did you buy it brand new in a box with manuals! if so i suggest you read the manual, you paid for it you might as well use it. if not goggle samsung s2 manual pdf.

janette10, Sep 17, 8:21pm
Is it updates/downloads!,i think you can actually drag them down and see what they are.

73040, Sep 18, 1:29am
Were you an apple iphone user before hand!

suicidemonkey, Sep 18, 1:33am
How is a little "1" that indicates you have an update or notification not simple! As I recall, iOS uses the exact same method. And I think I also recall that iOS5 copies the exact notification pull-down bar that Android has had for years.

Fanboy fail.

73040, Sep 18, 2:12am
Well simple or not, it still urged the OP to start this thread, so obviously not that simple for certain people.

guest, Oct 5, 4:49pm
what does the brief case with a check mark mean?

guest, Oct 18, 1:23am
The manual doesn't talk about all the various notification icons.

anthea, Mar 16, 6:16pm
Well it worked for me! And yes i did buy it in box with a manual but find it easier to be told by someone who knows how to talk to new users. Being over 13 it too me a while to understand it!!! THANK YOU

guest, Aug 2, 4:14pm
Since updating my galaxy s2 i have an icon that looks like an Android person and it says com.candyspace, when i tap it nothing happens then it says "unfortunately tw launcher has stopped working so i tap ok and then Samsung apps load, how can i get rid of it?

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