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tammy30, Sep 18, 1:07am
I currently have a widows laptop and am having to learn how to use a apple laptop at work.Im thinking that b4 long that I will upgrade my laptop and just considering whether I should go to a ipad.Any opinions much appreciated.

gibler, Sep 18, 1:11am
an ipad is not a replacement for a laptop.

lugee, Sep 18, 1:20am
Going from a laptop to an iPad is a massive downgrade.

suicidemonkey, Sep 18, 1:22am
Totally agree with #1 and #2. A tablet (not necessarily an iPad) can work well WITH a laptop. but not as a substitute for one. You can't do word processing etc on a tablet. Well you can but you're just making it x100 times harder for yourself.

carkitter, Sep 18, 1:27am
At present, all iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad) need to connect to a PC or Mac for software updates, product initilisation and registration, and transferring media. This means that an iPad relies on a laptop, it can't replace one. This situation will change when Apple releases iOS5 around the time of the release of the new iPhone something during the next 4 weeks.

I would wait and see how iOS and iCloud pans out, it's performance during reviews and it's costs, before you take the plunge. If you just want a way cool toy, Windows 8 is coming to tablets next year and will work on existing hardware too.

dunedin_ree, Sep 18, 1:29am
Word processing on the iPad can be absolutely fine or a giant pain in the arse depending on who you are and what you're doing.Personally I find it fine.

I agree that an iPad is not a laptop replacement but I'm getting as bored by "you can't word process on an iPad" as I already am by "Macs are really for graphic designers and movie editors".

suicidemonkey, Sep 18, 1:31am
Meh each to their own but word processing on the touch keyboard! Not for me. I don't care how good people think iOS or even Android is, It's never going to be as easy as using a keyboard and mouse.

carkitter, Sep 18, 1:35am
That is rubbish, without qualifying your statement.

Sure the hardware specs of a tablet are less than a laptop, but in many ways the advantages of a tablet blows away a laptop, such as battery life, portability, ease of use is a massive advantage to an iPad2, startup and shutdown times, etc, etc. That's why iPad2 is selling like, well, nothing other than the iPhone.

dunedin_ree, Sep 18, 1:35am
You can hook up hardware keyboards to an iPad.I don't, but I know of a few people who have the keyboard/iPad case things.Ditto the Asus Transformer.

I wouldn't write a thesis on one but for day to day stuff it's fine.

suicidemonkey, Sep 18, 1:37am
Really! I disagree.

Battery life - my laptop gets 10 hours+, same as an iPad.
Portability - I have no issues carrying around my light 13" laptop
Ease of use - matter of opinion
Start up and shutdown - instant sleep/wake or a few seconds to start up my laptop with its SSD

drcspy, Sep 18, 3:01am
doubt i'd like to try touch typing on a touchscreen

drcspy, Sep 18, 3:02am
LUV my SSD in my lappy also it's fast

wazza102, Sep 18, 4:13am
A tablet isn't a replacement for a laptop.

A tablet is a hybrid of laptop and a smartphone

moebius, Sep 18, 4:30am
if someone brings out a decent voice to text app, then it's a different ballgame, but touch typing on iphone/ipad can be slow, but as a few have said, you can add a keyboard.
Swype is a bit faster, but haven't seen that on IoS yet
nice thing about laptops is you can add stuff like external drives, otherwise you're limited by what Apple sell you
your choice :-)

neofalcon, Sep 18, 9:20am
I wished Ipad had flash support.

gibler, Sep 18, 9:22am
sssh S. Jobs wouldn't like to hear that.

pyro_sniper2002, Sep 18, 10:43am
Flash is such a rubbish product, the sooner its taken out the better.

vtecintegra, Sep 18, 11:44am
If you've only used it on a Mac then I can see why you think that.

On Windows and Android its fine.

dunedin_ree, Sep 18, 11:55am
I doubt that you'd like it either, but not everyone's like you.

footplate1, Sep 18, 8:20pm
I have both an old ACER and an Ipad2.I find the latter OK for drafting documents and, if really necessary, sending them asfinal.I took only my Ipad to Dunedin a couple of weeks back and it was fine - to a point.But one of the documents I loaded into PAGES on a just in case basis, hadmuch of my data in a table layout and the format was corrupted when I opened it on the Ipad.Incidentally, I have a Bluetooth key board which I use for anything big.It was also fine on my Iphone in Asia, earlier this year.

In short, Ipad and PAGES are very good, to a point.For anything significant off-shore, though, I will still take my ACER - it's heavy but IPAD2, though great, is still limited.I had hoped it would be a replacement for my laptop.It might be as apps get better - but it's not quite there, yet.

wazza102, Sep 18, 8:39pm
such a battery life hog

smac, Sep 18, 9:12pm
This constant disputes over laptop versus tablet is completely pointless unless you take in to account the owners need/use, which you don't know.

vtecintegra, Sep 18, 9:28pm
Again - on a Mac yeah. On Windows not so much.

wazza102, Sep 18, 9:37pm
I'm talking on an Android.

vtecintegra, Sep 18, 10:00pm
It isn't any worse than HTML 5 content in that regard.

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