Iphone 3gs techie folk help pls

reliancefix, Sep 18, 10:00pm
Hi all. I have an iphone which I am trying to fix for a friend.Basically it was given to her son as a toy by his dad who said it would work again but he couldnt be arsed doing it as he got a 4 from work. The phone is a 3gs model A1303. I am unsure what OS the iphone was running or if it was jailbroken. Cant do a manual restore in DFU or recovery trhu itunes. I have downloaded the ipsw for OS 3.0 and 3.1 and cant restore directly from the file either. I sort of know what I am doing but not really. Does this mean its jailbroken and there for wont work unless I use redsn0w or something like that!

drcspy, Sep 18, 10:04pm
try a factory reset

reliancefix, Sep 18, 10:22pm
cant do factory reset cos bricked with black screen o death but does go into DFU

lancer96, Sep 19, 12:22am
does it come up in itunes !

pyro_sniper2002, Sep 19, 12:57am
Try a latter IPSW, it might be running iOS 4, you can't roll back.

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