Good websites for business!

samceleste, Sep 19, 12:52am
Hi everyone, I'm hoping some of you may be able to help with ideas for a good website to use for my small business.

I'm looking for something relatively easy to use
and cheap (or even free!)
with reasonable storage for photos of products & info

thanks in advance :)

velenski, Sep 19, 12:56am
joomla is free

deej5, Sep 19, 1:08am
I use Sandvox. Doesn't cost the earth and is so easy to use. As an artist I needed something to display lots of photos and easy to publish immediately after changes. It's a mac app though. You can download a free trial here:

plumbernick, Sep 19, 2:00am
Free and business are not really a good mix.

However there are a lot of good platforms out there.

Wordpress, Joomla themes could create a simple site with a little bit of knowledge and research for beginners.

If the website is E-commerce then something like Shopify may suit. Think there is a similar service by a NZ company, can't remember what it is called though.

If you need help to build one to your needs then try Zealance.

The trouble is that if it is for a business website then you need to make sure it gives the visitor a good impression. If the website looks cheap or doesn't work properly then people will just click away and potential sales are lost. Depends what you want the website to do really but Wordpress could be well suited if you don't need anything too complex.

lostdude, Sep 19, 2:22am
Yeah wordpress is easy to manage. Especially if you want to update and upload pics yourself. Wordpress itself is free but if you want a good looking site, there are some paid templates that you can choose from that'll really impress visitors. There are some good free ones but not near the quality of paid. Here's an example of a paid Wordpress template that will be suitable for a photographer: If you like that, you can purchase or browse their huge range here:

Or if you want more ideas, search for wordpress themes in google.

samceleste, Sep 19, 8:08am
thanks for the ideas, I'll have a look at them.

I/'m not sure at this stage if I would want to include a shop on the website, but would possibly like the option to add one in the future.

I've used freewebs websites for various things over the last few years & they're very easy to use but don't have enough space

I only need something simple

* Homepage
* pages for each type of product (with photo album set up as well as info)
* contact info
* further info

happysmile4, Sep 19, 9:26am

stardesta, Sep 19, 9:54am lovely templates there that you can manage yourself

mattnzw, Sep 19, 9:55am
Are you just wanting to rent a website, or do you want to own it too! If you want to own it, and want it fully decustomised you are best to get a designer to help you.

samceleste, Sep 19, 10:32am
I'm not sure

I'm assuming rental means I pay yearly/monthly fees for the use of the domain name!

and buying - one off fee!

I've found a friend who can do websites, so she should be able to help me design something

mattnzw, Sep 19, 10:52am
No, renting is when you still pay for the domain, but you are renting the website, and the fee will also cover the web hosting and the website/updating software etc. You then just design it online. If you want to go this way, I would suggest . They manage it all for you, and you can also get a designer to cusomtise it, and you never have to worry about patching it with security patches.
If you get a designer to do it, you have to make sure they will continue to support it for you. I have seen too many that have been hacked a few years down the track, after the web designer has disappeared and hasn't updated it.

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