Help installing a printer please

deadfall, Sep 23, 4:56am
I have a xerox docuprint204a. Have downloaded the driver off the website, but where do I put the driver folder into so that the printer registers it - and how do I install the printer.

Thanks from someone hopeless with computers!

chito, Sep 23, 5:00am
Go to add printer, then say you have disk, and point it to where you downloaded the driver to.

mrfxit, Sep 23, 5:07am
Depends if the driver is an MSI/ zipped or exe file

chnman, Sep 23, 5:09am
As in #2 but probably best to "extract all" (use right-click button on mouse) first. Then point to the folder within the extracted folder containing multiple files. I went to the site and checked.

owene, Sep 23, 7:19am
Isn't the driver included with Windows! If so then boot PC, plug in printer and it should plug and play itself thru the install.

drcspy, Sep 23, 7:40am
1:they have the driver
2:windows doesNOT contain a database of EVERY possiblr primter driver

deadfall, Sep 23, 8:01am
The driver is not included with windows, it doesn't plug n play.

Thanks, will try this now :)

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