HTC trophy 7 opinion

hi all, does anyone here own or owned a htc trophy7 smartphone! if so i would like your feedback in regards to battery life, connection quality to network and wifi, camera quality etc. i know there are heaps of better ones out there but i saw this at the warehouse on special for $399 down from $499 and it's just within budget. got a sony ericsson xperia mini pro, like everything but battery life so wonder if the trophy is much better in battery life especially. it's on vodafone but i will be using 2 degrees n can reprogramme the settings to work on 2degrees. cheers

geek_n1smo_gtir, Sep 23, 8:00 pm

just got one it seems fine, the issue is no customisable ringtones etc, battery life is ok, you will need to charge every night, very fast and nice to use, network and wifi are great, to communicate to the phone via your pc you have to use microsfts Zune software

geek_puffydawg, Sep 24, 12:29 pm

This is my first smart phone, and I love it. puffydawg has mentioned small flaws like battery, But i can cope with it. Nice phone

geek_fastidea1, Sep 24, 12:47 pm

Got one, it's great, charge maybe even 2nd day, I used it all day for emails, internet and music. Big 7.5 update out soon, will allow custom ringtones and heaps of other stuff. Windows Phone 7 is very underrated and over looked, $399 is an awesome deal.

geek_ruderger, Sep 24, 1:43 pm

Cheers all, got one for the missus yesterday for her 3yr anniversary pressie. she got a cheap 99 dollar phone atm, charging at the mo. love the big screen can't wait for 7.5 to come out. have a good week everyone:)

geek_n1smo_gtir, Sep 28, 2:08 am

A quick question... Does the phone need to be charged for 12 hours or something before using it for the first time? Or does that not matter with smart phones?


geek_guest, Oct 1, 6:38 pm