Can't Access Hotmail - White Screen Comes Up

mercdak, Sep 23, 12:09am
Looking for a little help and guidance on how to resolve a problem.

I am running WINDOWS XP Home Edition

Up until lunchtime yesterday I had no issues with anything on my PC.

If I try to access Hotmail - Either direct or through a link on MSN or WINDOWS LIVE it tries to open in a new TAB but the screen just shows WHITE.

This happens in IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Up until the problem started I hadn't added, installed, deleted or updated anything that I am aware of.

I have System Restore to 5 days ago (the problem only happended yesterday) but this didn't make any difference.

I then un-installed Firefox - re-booted - and downloaded the latest version - re-booted but with no success.

I repeated the same steps with IE and Google Chrome but this has made no difference and I am now out of ideas.

I have googled the problem and found lots of examples of this but none of the suggested remedies has worked.

If anyone has any ideas on how to resolve this problem I'd be extremely grateful.

claracat, Sep 23, 12:29am
Same is happening with facebook!

claracat, Sep 23, 12:39am
Try reboot your pc or browser.

zolloz, Sep 23, 12:42am
Just noticed that no problems with Facebook in Firefox but won't come up on IE. No problem with Trademe or any other site (so far). I have re-booted about 20 times now - including my Router but this has made no difference.

pkm66, Sep 23, 12:51am
Just out of interest, when was windows last re installed!
btw I dont use the web login for hotmail,I find the new interface slow and annoying,instead using thunderbird to connect to it.

zolloz, Sep 23, 1:03am
Windows has never be re-installed on this pc although it does update every evening automatically.

What's Thunderbird!I'll try anything.

otako, Sep 23, 2:22am
Email client and sister of Firefox from the Mozilla Foundation, excellent security and spam filtering.

zolloz, Sep 23, 3:52am
Many thanks. I'll give it a go.

otako, Sep 23, 5:10am
There seem to have been DNS delays so the white page fault may be the browser waiting to recieve the destination site ip address.

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