Recommend ADSL2+ wireless router/modem for me!

julieandcasper, Sep 20, 4:24am
Our Dynalink rta1025w isn't handling ADSL2+ well, giving us a max. of 11 Mbps. bang on every speed test including multiple connections. I should be able to get at least to 18. It's an older model and I'm not entirely surprised (required a firmware update to make it ADSL2+ compatible and since discontinued).

Any suggestions for a fast, stable wireless router/modem that can handle sip and multiple connections without keeling over! Must have at least a couple ethernet ports and I prefer an all-in-one.

Thanks for any recommendations you can make.

r.g.nixon, Sep 20, 5:43am
11 Mb/s is fine. How do you know you should get better! What speed do your neighbours get either side!

drcspy, Sep 20, 6:44am
is this 11mb/s between the router and the computer or the ACTUAL internet connection speed ! have you testd the speed at !

julieandcasper, Sep 20, 7:17pm
It's a speed test from, pretty much get the same result on any NZ server. Line stats are more than fine, I'm only 800 m from the exchange,so attenuation is only 10.5 dB down 4.8 dBupsync rate is 18mbps, attainable line rate stat is 21. Neighbours don't have internet. A couple blocks from me my work does but they're either not on a full speed plan or the router hasn't been set to ADSL2+ yet as they're still maxing out ADSL1 speeds, as were we until ADSL2+. I thought I might look into that some time later this week and change our work router setting to ADSL2+ if it needs it.

julieandcasper, Sep 20, 7:18pm
We haven't got any wiring to interfere; the line comes straight out of the ground, right to the router. We're on voip so it's also our phone. No alarms etc. No line noise to speak of.

drcspy, Sep 20, 7:31pm
so aside from marginally faster downloadin in some situations (server dependant) what difference do you think, you'll see when/if you get the full potential/speed realised !

personally I cant imagine what noticeable difference you'll experinence

julieandcasper, Sep 20, 7:59pm
Lol, the server-dependant marginally faster speed is exactly the difference I am hoping to realize. ;) But also I need to do this research anyway. Our old one is getting a little long in the tooth (my last one, a netgear, died suddenly after many years service resulting in a mad scramble to replace it) and this time around I'd rather buy a new one in advance of its demise and keep the old one as a backup. I'm looking at a Cisco SRP527 (we have voip) because it's one recommended by our ISP and the reviews on it are very solid with the latest firmware according to whirlpool who are generally very quick to point out flaws. If I can get a confirmation that it speeds along I'll likely buy it. I also like it because my voip currently depends on a PAP2T which is also getting long in the tooth. The Cisco is an all in one router/adsl/voip box. And with some chips not playing nicely with Telecom I prefer to ask a wide range of opinion before I plunk down my hard earned dosh!

smac, Sep 20, 9:51pm
Is it my imagination or has the 10/100/1000 indication dropped off from the pricespy details!

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