Hi, I need some advice please

My computer seems to freeze whenever no one is using it and only in the last day. (since yesterday afternoon)Once I turn it off at the wall and boot it back up its fine but as an example My daughter turned it on at 7.30am this morning and used it then went to school,when I went to get on it at 8.30 I could open the browser but it wouldnt open a website (said it was looking for it) and only one of the flashing computers (bottom one) on the taskbar was flashing.I tried to reboot it by the correct means of start restart etc and it just has the hour glass come up and then it froze and then i switch it off at the wall and start again.any idea what that is about!TIA.

geek_kiwijo4, Sep 21, 9:03 am

I've been using it now for 30 minutes and it seems fine but as soon as I walk away and leave it for a bit it freezes.weird

geek_kiwijo4, Sep 21, 9:04 am

Could possibly be some clues in the Event Viewer.

geek_r.g.nixon, Sep 21, 9:06 am

Laptop or desktop!On battery or mains! What are your power save settings!

geek_shaneo2, Sep 21, 9:08 am

Yeah theres quite a few warnings under security in the event viewer but I have no clue what they mean lol

geek_kiwijo4, Sep 21, 9:13 am

Desktop and on mains.Ok i dont know if this is what you mean but turn off monitor says never, turn off hard disks never, system standby after 1 hour.

geek_kiwijo4, Sep 21, 9:19 am

Any critical errors! Particularly around the times you have issues.Check the applications log also.

geek_shaneo2, Sep 21, 9:25 am

in the Event viewer under security my computer had since yesterday quite a few errors and warning and quite a few so far today. example being
error sr(The system restore files encountered the unexpected error 0xC0000243 while processing the file afd sys on the volume Harddisk volume2.it has stopped monitoring the volume.quite a few warnings about Tcpip

geek_kiwijo4, Sep 21, 9:25 am

the error you posted possibly points to a failing harddrive but 'security' isn't the place you need to look for the more relevant errors.


are the two more important areas

geek_drcspy, Sep 21, 9:28 am

nothing under application that says errorjust information and its like ipod service, bonjour service and UPHClean.all 3 grouped around the same time ie today all 3 at 8.43.41, 8.43.27, 8.43.26maybe thats when i rebooted my system.Maybe I have a virus or something!

geek_kiwijo4, Sep 21, 9:29 am

yeah sorry i Meant to say system not securitynothing is listed under securitysorry

geek_kiwijo4, Sep 21, 9:30 am

Just had another warning under system (event viewer) Tcpipthat says
TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of current TCP connect attempts, had one 15 minutes ago too.

geek_kiwijo4, Sep 21, 9:31 am

another error is a service control manager error.says The network location awareness (NLA) service terminated with the following error.
The specified procedure could not be found.

Also Error that says The Avira AntiVir guard service failed to started due to the following errorAccess is denied

geek_kiwijo4, Sep 21, 9:34 am

geek_hakatere1, Sep 21, 9:37 am