Can I run Adobe CS3 on 10.6.7!

ajanderson, Sep 24, 12:07am
I have a new macbookpro, version 10.6.7. Can I run Adobe CS3 (mac version) on it!

thegilly, Sep 24, 12:12am
I run CS2 on 10.6.8 under Rosetta, so you should be fine. Pretty sure CS3 is a Universal Binary anyway, so it'll run even if you eventually upgrade to Lion and lose the Rosetta support.

gibler, Sep 24, 12:14am
yeah it worksbut is not really supported by Adobe.

ajanderson, Sep 24, 2:44am
what do you mean!

missyone, Sep 24, 5:22am
Yes, CS3 will work on OSX 10.6, it even works on OSX 10.7 fine.

malachiman, Sep 24, 10:11am
How do you figure that one! As far as I am aware CS3 needs rosetta, which is not part of Lion.

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