Need Help with Vista RDP problem

katje, Sep 24, 8:05am
Hi I use Remote Desktop connection to connect to another computer for work ( not set up by me) It works all the time has for a year. Then this afternoon I get this message << Remote Desktop cannot connect to the remote computer because the authentication certificate recieved from the remote computer is expired or invalid.>> what has caused this! I can't RDP to the othr computer at all.

drcspy, Sep 24, 8:13am

katje, Sep 24, 8:17am
I know Im trolling through those already and most are not recent is why Ive posted on here- It isn't a time thing. Also, I have a small netbook which can connect via rdc but my laptop which has connected with rdc everyday suddenly cannot! why not any ideas!

gibler, Sep 24, 8:19am
check your date and time is accurate on your PC.

drcspy, Sep 24, 8:20am

that was the first result and seems to have a few suggestions.have you tried any of those suggestions !

katje, Sep 24, 9:23am
I can't work out how I check the expiry date on my certificate Ive been trying tofigure that out for th last 30 mins when not watching the ABS vrs France

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