Unbricking iphone 3gs experts needed pls

I have been trying to unbrick a friend kids iphone. His dad gave him his old one (32gb 3GS) which was jailbroken and which got bricked. It comes up as being in DFU mode (black screen). Got error 3194 so then used tinyumbrella and downloaded firmware and also tried redsn0w but now getting error 1602. Do I need to know what firmware was on the phone (Dad doesnt know). Have not got ability to factory restore. Driving me crazy. BTW its permanently in DFU mode or recovery and never comes out of black screen'o'death. TIA

geek_reliancefix, Sep 25, 6:46 pm

all you need to say is "Sorry friend, this is out of my expertise."

geek_dondonsplace, Sep 25, 6:48 pm

I know I could say no but you see I am stuck at home for 5 weeks recovering fromsurgery and decided I needed a project. It's a pain but keeps me from boredom induced insanity.
BTW its Mrs Reliancefix

geek_reliancefix, Sep 25, 6:52 pm

geek_btoogood, Sep 25, 6:55 pm

Thanks but sadly I am way past that. If it was simply the original firmware that would be fine. Thanks for help tho

geek_reliancefix, Sep 25, 7:00 pm

Woohoo! My domain.

Is it in DFU or Recovery mode! - note they are 2 different things.

DFU acts as though the iPhone is switched off, it has no life signs
Recover mode has this picture on it: http://www.iphonealley.com/files/images/imce/iphone_recovery_mode.jpg

If it is in DFU all you need to do is hold power and home for 30 seconds.
That should reboot the phone as per normal.

If it is recovery mode use tiny umbrella to kick it out of recovery and then put it into dfu mode.

Error 3194 is because you are trying to restore to a version not signed by apple, you need to edit your hosts file to redirect this to sauriks server or just press "Start TSS" in tiny umbrella.

Let me know how you get on :)

geek_thehawks, Sep 25, 7:19 pm

@thehawks . Already done that. Its in DFU. COmpletely black screen. Cant go into recovery with pic. I did think maybe it was a screen issue but don't think so. I have already used tiny umbrella and redirected to sauriks server but no joy. Maybe I need a later firmware. what would you advise. I am only using 3.1
and still getting 1602 afterwards.
About to try again

geek_reliancefix, Sep 25, 7:24 pm

Go to http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/
and download 4.2.1 for iPhone 3GS.

Open tinymbrella and start the TSS server

Go to iTunes and hold shift while clicking restore. Find the 4.2.1 file you just downloaded and restore to that.

geek_thehawks, Sep 25, 9:55 pm

Nope- had done that with old OS and now tried with 4.2.1 and still get error 1602. Any other suggestions before this gets listed forparts!

geek_reliancefix, Sep 26, 2:05 pm

Oh yeah, make sure iTunes is updated to the latest version!

geek_thehawks, Sep 26, 5:03 pm

yep done that too. New install of itunes. had gone thru and uninstalled all components prior to this. Thats why its doingmy head in. I think that its possible its just timing out

geek_reliancefix, Sep 26, 5:38 pm

Okay thats got me stumped. Are you sure its not just dead! Eg the internals are screwed! Or does it give life signs when plugged into a computer!

geek_thehawks, Sep 26, 5:48 pm


you fail. that is all.

yours sincerely, trademe user.

geek_dming, Sep 26, 9:56 pm


geek_thehawks, Sep 26, 9:59 pm

@thehawks. No sign of life in phone itself but when plugged into pc, itunes states that there is iphone in dfu mode (or recovery when go in and out of dfu), also says apple usb device present but not visible in "my computer"
So I dont know- am thinking its one for parts

geek_reliancefix, Sep 27, 8:57 am

Thats what im thinking

geek_thehawks, Sep 27, 8:01 pm

1604 is usually caused by trying to restore acustom FW on an already pwned device in DFU. If the device is already pwned a normal restore should be used when the phone is not in DFU.

geek_rwaioira, Sep 27, 9:15 pm

tried ziphone!

geek_n1smo_gtir, Sep 28, 2:58 am

Hi Martin, I can JB/Unlock it for you if you post it to me. Feelfree to contact me through one of my auctions :) I like to JB.

geek_vitaminh, Sep 28, 10:29 pm

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