Steve Jobs' comments on Adobe Flash

ang_ck, Sep 25, 10:55am

vtecintegra, Sep 25, 11:00am
lol - one rule for Apple, one rule for everyone else. Pretty funny in retrospect - that article was written in April 2010 and by June we had Flash running fine on a range of mobile devices.

stevel_knievel, Sep 25, 12:12pm
Application store.

little_egypt, Sep 25, 9:50pm
"When you browse to Flash content on your iOS device, the software works to repackage it on the fly, converting it to HTML 5, an iOS-friendly format. "

I think Apple won!

lythande1, Sep 26, 7:45am
What would he know - he always was the sales man, his partner had the brain and technical know-how. Which is why he quit in disgust years ago.

remmers, Sep 26, 7:49am
Mate, get a grip, it is only one man, a seriously ill one at that. He has done more for technology than we could ever dream of.

carkitter, Sep 26, 7:55am

lykaestria, Sep 26, 8:49am
Wasn't it Macromedia or Shockwave who developed Flash originally anyway!

neil51, Sep 26, 8:57am
Yes Macromedia, same folks that did Freehand which was their version of Adobe's Illustrator, or 'Frustrater' as designers call it. Adobe bought Macromedia ages ago and stuffed up Flash and killed Freehand which annoyed alot of designers

-mung-, Sep 26, 10:59am
A lot of crap designers perhaps.

-mung-, Sep 26, 11:08am
Anyway, this act of war on Flash did a lot of "HTML5" buzz. I put it in quotes because it's magic.

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