Can I cancel the ADSL plan without fee!

jerrylee1, Sep 28, 1:09am
Long story.

We moved the house, and already transfer the naked broadband to the new house. Now I try to transfer the Landline and ADSL which is belong to Orcon. I booked at 26th, no one comes wo our new house, but the naked broadband failed at 6:30pm at 26th. But ait is very strange that I got the message from Orcon say the job complated about 2:00pm that day. I called Orcon few times and difference receiption told me difference story!

Yesterday I made heaps of call to follow it, but still no signs about the Orcon broadband. Then I totally lost confidence about Orcon. I called them today for cancel the plan, then they ask me to pay $149 for the cancel fee!

Any suggestion!

Also for my precious customer, sorry, My phone number will be changed as I can not keep it.

jerrylee1, Sep 28, 1:09am
BTW: I as using the business plan.

lostdude, Sep 28, 1:23am
Ring again and ask to speak to a manager. If they still don't do anything about it, ask your lawyer to ring them.

jerrylee1, Sep 28, 1:25am
I called this morning about 9:00am, and no one call me back. Maybe they knew I want to cancel, so make me as the end of their job list. :-)

lostdude, Sep 28, 1:31am
Did you ask to speak to a manager!

deus701, Sep 28, 2:28am
Make a big fuss and speak to someone higher up the foodchain. Don't let the front line monkeys stop you

swivel, Sep 28, 2:52am
karma i guess for all those misleading Computer auction you had.

jerrylee1, Sep 28, 3:24am
Yes, I ask to speak to manager, and say will call me back. No one call me back.

r.g.nixon, Sep 28, 3:29am
What is your user name! I can send a DM (Direct message on Twitter) to someone there to look into it. Well it can't hurt to try.

lucky015, Sep 28, 3:29am
So ring them back. If they say they will call you back then wait an hour or 2 and call again. Never expect a Customer Service Rep to actually call you back, If they are so busy how would they get time to actually make calls themselves anyway!

jerrylee1, Sep 28, 6:34am
Thank you

r.g.nixon, Sep 28, 7:05am
Quentin says you can email him for help: quentin.reade at

r-mvz, Oct 3, 9:23am
or ring 0508 989898 for the Telecommunications Disputes resolution Service. they'll get you some action

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