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d.snell, Sep 28, 5:40am
We are being upgraded to ADSL 2+ in the next few weeks. Apparently Chorus just switch everyone over and for those with Obsolete ADSL hardware, the BB just stops and they switch you back to ADSL when you complain. Then, when you upgrade your gear to ADSL 2+, you have to contact your ISP to get the system switched back. Really messy as I suspect there are a lot who haven't bothered yet.
Also, the chorus tech seemed to think that there were issues with some of the Thomson models. Even though they say ADSL 2+ they had problems.
Anyone know of this and what model versions definitely work!

swivel, Sep 28, 5:47am
old adsl modems will still work on adsl2, they just don't get the speed of adsl2). As for the Thomson models alot said it was the v6 single pc modems, others said the v7 (not that I did). Another thing I have heard from a customer was that some model modems don't like the configuration of the exchanges (no proof though).

drcspy, Sep 28, 5:55am
I assume that you have a thompson.what model !

drcspy, Sep 28, 5:57am
I Have both thompson v7 & v8 issued by xtra at the moment I'm on the v7 modem and it's on adsl2 (as of recently) it' gets 7.6MB/s here now.

d.snell, Sep 28, 6:00am
That's contrary to what the chorus guy told me. He said they would not work and he has to switch you back to ADSL.

d.snell, Sep 28, 6:02am
No, mine are all ADSL and need upgrading so I'm in the market lol

drcspy, Sep 28, 6:03am
I"ll ask you again

have !

d.snell, Sep 28, 6:04am
Isn't 7.6MB/s normaladsl, 20MB/s should be ADSL 2+

_sms_, Sep 28, 6:04am
I assume you mean thomson.

d.snell, Sep 28, 6:10am
Yep, I think it depends on what brand/model DSLAM gear they installed. I think ours is Seimens, but I suppose I'd better find out a bit more info. Also, there may be a chance there is VDSL installed as well.

drcspy, Sep 28, 6:12am
depends on a lot of factors.put it this way I USED to get 3.5MB/s at BEST .now I get 7.6 cause they've FINALLY go around to upgrading .

I have a friend up the road a few streets.he was on 3.5 now he gets 14.20 is NOT any kind of 'absolute' at all.

swivel, Sep 28, 6:14am
I showed the customer about 2 weeks ago. got my old D-link DFL 500 (router model) out and got a nice 6.6Mb/s from speedtest.

swivel, Sep 28, 6:16am
VDSL should be rolling out around Jan/Feb

drcspy, Sep 28, 6:18am

ADSL2 is fast, providing higher downstream rates of up to 12Mbit/s for spans of less than 2.5km, and (potentially) up to 24Mbit/s for spans of less than 1.5km. With ADSL2 your modem can connect at speeds of up to 24Mbps.

d.snell, Sep 28, 6:19am
Maybe it switches itself back down to normal ADSL if it doesn't detect and ADSL 2+ Router and they have to manually switch it back up again. Or possibly the switch the installed here is a later tech. He was quite adamant that he was going to be extremely busy reconfiguring heaps of circuits after it was switched over.

d.snell, Sep 28, 6:21am
We are 500m away from the exchange and get 7.6 down and 786 up at the moment on adsl

cybertao, Sep 28, 6:33am
Switching between ADSL and ADSL2+ hasn't been a problem for me.

cybertao, Sep 28, 6:42am
Also, I just had a fault fix that took three call-outs to resolve and I think there's probably more broken links in the chain.
Despite that, my speeds still don't compete with when they weren't counting the traffic of TiVo customers.

lostdude, Sep 28, 7:02am
VDSL has been rolling out since last year. My exchange was upgraded in Dec 10 & my cabinet in June this year.

d.snell, I think you may be correct in that a technician "can" switch you from ADSL2+ to ADSL (& vice versa) or maybe it's required now, but before the upgrade (to VDSL), I'm fairly certain it was dependant on your hardware (modem). I tested this as soon as my cabinet was upgraded ADSL2+ by first switching my modems operation mode from auto to G.DMT (ADSL1) then to G.995.2 (ADSL2+). Both times, they connected at the fastest rate those protocols allowed for.

I'll test this again in a couple of hours.

swivel, Sep 28, 8:37am
Yeah and here is ready as well (exchanges), But they have been doing tests, AND not starting people on it till Jan/Feb. Please get it correct before posting.

volkier, Sep 28, 10:26am
I think every ADSL modem that was manufactured or sold after the year 2007 has built in ADSL2+ technology. If I'm not mistaken, it would also automatically downgrade itself f the line is too shit for ADSL2+.

Personally, I would be just happy to get a line that doesn't dc you at random if you try to use it for something more than surfing TMMB.

gyrogearloose, Sep 28, 10:30am
When I got switched to the new cabinet just across the road, my Huawai from Vodafone which was less than a year old and ADSL2+ capable connected at 7.6mbps

Then I pulled a DLINK out of the parts bin and it connected at nearly 16mbps - my advice if you are getting an average result, is to try another modem for a second opinion. My opinion of the Chorus technicians is even lower than my opinion of Sky's technicians.

kiwi_fisherman, Sep 28, 10:40am
Just tested my thompson 12.14mbps

kiwi_fisherman, Sep 28, 10:43am
All I know about my Thompson is its wireless capable and it's a model 585 so I don't know if it is ADSL or ADSL2

lostdude, Sep 28, 11:15am
Well your post implies that you were referring to the exchanges/cabinets being rolled out with VDSL. Please be more specific next time as the exchanges/cabinets is also what I gather d.snell was referring to in his post you quoted as well.

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