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timtec, Sep 29, 7:04pm
Hi There

Our internet modem, a Vodafone Huawei HG556a has now died twice, and vodafone have agreed to give us back the cost of the modem to buy a new (hopefully) better one with. Does anyone have any recommendations! All I need is an ADSL(2) modem, no wireless or anything needed. I would like it to work all of the time, and not need restarting. :)


volkier, Sep 29, 8:02pm
In my personal experience, stay away from linksys and D-Link has been very very reliable. That is for myself and on numerous occasions. Having said that, there are others who would have a completely opposite experience (just from the couple of threads that I can think of here) so hard to say.

I think someone was saying that tplink was really good on here.

graeme, Sep 29, 8:37pm
Yeah get on trademe and pick up one of the telecom single port ones, should be able to get one for less than $20, just make sure its got ADSL2+ on the box coz exchanges are being upgraded around the country (without notice i might add) and older modems are suddenly ceasing to work.

lostdude, Sep 29, 8:44pm
Yeah TP-Link is very good value for money.!p=399204

timtec, Sep 30, 6:21am
Thanks for that. Does anyone know of one that I could get for under $150 that is above home/consumer grade! Thanks :)

puddleduck00, Sep 30, 6:34am
Bought a TP-Link a few weeks ago and it's fantastic. It's even dropped price since I bought it. It doesn't matter if you don't need the wifi, you can just disable it.!partid=12370

$89 and free shipping. Was recommended to me by another MB user.

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