IPad Internet access at Mcdonalds

Why can I not access the Internet at McDonalds.The free wifi connection seems to be all connected but unable to go onto Internet.

geek_mnstr, Sep 30, 10:00 am

you need to ask them for their password!

geek_lilyfield, Sep 30, 10:01 am

If its anything like the free wifi at McDonald's here in oz (which is probable) in order to connect there is a checkbox on the connection screen that you have to tick agreeing to terms and conditions. It appears that the front screen is coded in flash, which apple doesn't support. Thus you never see the front screen if using an apple device and are unable to use the free wifi.

geek_clip1, Sep 30, 10:28 am

Connect WiFi signal using settings then go into Safari and agree to the terms and conditions on the McDonalds page, then you are connected, that is how it works on my iPhone.

geek_remmers, Sep 30, 10:53 am

As long as your WiFi is turned on and you open your browser to access the internet the McDonalds Login page should appear, you dont need a password to access it you just have to accept the terms and conditions.

geek_shyly, Sep 30, 11:16 am

Did accept terms and conditions. Still no luck.

geek_mnstr, Oct 1, 8:03 am

Try opening a new page, that worked for me.

geek_lee5, Oct 1, 10:03 am