Aussie iphone 3gs on 2degrees!

Hello all
I just got a iphone 3gs from a friend in Aussie, it has been unlocked.I put my 2degrees sim in and plugged it into itunes and itunes tells me the sim is incompatible.I have read the iphone FAQs on 2degrees, they suggest
"If you're not getting any signal (for example your mobile displays 'Emergency Calls only' or 'No Service'), you need to make sure your Network Selection mode is set to 'Automatic'"
I do get stuck on the emergency calls only screen and have no option to change the Network selelction - is there anything i can do to figure it out!or is it possible the phone is not actually unlocked!
Thanks for your help!:)

geek_skoodles, Sep 30, 6:12 pm

Yep, the phone is carrier locked, you'll need to unlock it to proceed.

Also be aware that any future iOS updates could relock it without warning

geek_vtecintegra, Sep 30, 6:14 pm

I am aware about the relocking possibilty :)
can someone please tell the the process you go thru to unlock if you ask your carrier!Do they go to apple with the phone IMEI number and apple say its ok, and a message on the phone comes up to say 'this phone is unlocked' !I hear you are also suppost to reboot or reload or something after that!I am thinking the process might not have been completed.

geek_skoodles, Oct 1, 8:36 am

what network i got a vodafone one and restored it and itunlock it is itoptusor vodafone or telstra

geek_lancer96, Oct 1, 9:31 am

Well what iOS version is it on!

geek_mone, Oct 1, 11:38 am

You could use Jailbreak to unlock it.

geek_tahnasha, Oct 2, 12:10 am

no kidding.true, but you need to know what version the ios is, to know which one to use, whether is BlackSn0w or Ultrasn0w etc

geek_mone, Oct 2, 12:24 am

It was on telstra network in australia.would rather get it unlocked properly before trying to jailbreak and unlock.I have contacts in aussie going to ring telsta to see if they actually unlocked it when they were asked too.

geek_skoodles, Oct 2, 2:17 pm

I asked my IT geek son, he said yes it could still be locked, even though they unlocked it, something to do with iphones, didn't really understand what he was going on about.But he said jailbreak it, if you have wireless it will pick it up, and ask you all these questions to reset it.That's if you don't have any luck with Telstra, good luck with that, they're totally useless.

geek_tahnasha, Oct 2, 10:21 pm

no, you dont have to call telstra to do it. You can fully unlock it by yourself and use it in nz. I did it myself with iphone 3gs brought from aus in january.

geek_mone, Oct 3, 1:14 am

Mone are you willing to tell me how you did it!Telstra have been called again, and we have been told to plug into itunes in 72 hours, why not just say 3 days!so will do that on thursday and see what happens.but if i do an update in the future and it locks up again, i would like to know how to unlock it! please :)
And yes, i have heard lots of not so good stuff about telstra! my friends have changed carriers, i am not suprised!

geek_skoodles, Oct 3, 8:42 pm

Refer to post #5

geek_mone, Oct 3, 10:16 pm

Sorry Mone, missed that post! I actually can not tell you what version iOS it is, is there a way to find out if I cant get past the 'emergency calls only' screen!

geek_skoodles, Oct 4, 9:29 am

Juat asked the previous owner, it was updated about 2 weeks ago if that helps!

geek_skoodles, Oct 4, 10:37 am

geek_denimiji, Oct 4, 10:49 am