Best 3G Prepaid Data Plan

My cousin is coming to NZ for a few weeks and wants to make use of a 3G data plan. Obviously being here for such a short time, a plan isn't suitable. Also must be possible to the service use outside of main city centres.

Which network/deal would you suggest!


geek_obviousas, Oct 1, 12:18 am

Prepaid: For Telecom you can get 120MB data for $12.Vodafone 100MB data for $10.Very similar pricing.But remember its only for light use, may not work in rural areas, and simcard cost $29.95 from both providers

geek_mone, Oct 1, 12:27 am

2degrees: $5 sim card, $20 for 1gb, $50 for 3gb. if you buy a 2degrees modem stick for $69, you get 3gb with it. telecom n vodafone can suck their d1ck on that one.

geek_n1smo_gtir, Oct 1, 2:37 am

2degrees piggyback on other networks outside the main cities. That is what op is also after. That is why out of zone data packs for 2degrees is so expensive. They just buy vodafone and resell it to you.

geek_mone, Oct 1, 7:48 am

Agreed 2degrees is only worthwhile in the main centres.

In Wellington I find 2degrees slower than vodafone which means much slower than Telecom

geek_vtecintegra, Oct 1, 10:37 am

overall best coverage use Telecom,we live in motorhome last 5 yrs Telecom has been far better only few places that you will not get coverage ie Catlins Good luck

geek_yldred, Oct 2, 1:14 pm

really! i had a vodafone vodem stick n that was slow as hell, moved to telecom, it's lot faster but getting too expensive so moved to 2degrees, not as fast as telecom but found it better than vodafone. which area you in dude!

geek_n1smo_gtir, Oct 2, 11:17 pm

true, that's sucky when i was in rotovagas i had to buy their national datapack which was $6 for 50mb. i hope they will cover smaller areas soon. not that it matters anymore cos i got vodafone naked broadband. it'sodd how 2degrees only charge $5 for a sim but vf n telecom charges $30.

geek_n1smo_gtir, Oct 2, 11:21 pm