Printer Trouble

netty26, Sep 30, 11:39pm
I have a Lexmark Z513 Printer and put in new black cartridge and now wont print. Yes I did set boxes to old colour & new black. Not sure why it wont work. WHAT HAVE I DONE.HELP!

drcspy, Sep 30, 11:41pm
so be SPECIFIC what happens when you try to print ! do you get error messages if so what - EXACTLY !

netty26, Sep 30, 11:42pm
comes out a blank paper

drcspy, Sep 30, 11:50pm
tried pulling the carts out and resitting them ! turned printer off and on again !

by the way I hope you didn't buy the 'real' ink ! it's worth more than the printer

netty26, Oct 1, 10:01am
Thanks drcspy. Can u tell me a good printer to buy.

drcspy, Oct 1, 3:40pm
hm.well they're all cheaply made and cheap to buy but the ink is ridiculously expensive.I have a brother dcp165c which is now getting to a bit over a couple of years's exceptionally reliable.quiet, fast, and very forgiving as I use ink meant for an EPSON printer from a CISS kit to refill the carts myself at the ridiculously cheap cost of about $0.60c per cart per refill.(actually i'ts costing me NOTHING as the ink was given to me but had I bought it that'd be the cost per fill).

one thing about the brother is that the ink carts DONT' have electronic chips in em (well that model doesn't) - printers which DO are NOT very user friendly towards self refilling or usign compatible carts.another thing is the ink carts are stationary in the machine and dont move.I think this helps reliability.

sonns79, Oct 3, 10:36am
I have a printer thats blocked grrrr it would cost me more to fix it than what it would to buy a new one

max-e-mim, Oct 3, 10:39am
And reason why you think it will be expensive

netty26, Oct 4, 9:36am
well no one has told me why my printer doesnt print since i put in a new black ink cart.

lilyfield, Oct 4, 10:21am
Have you done the roubleshooting! Does it give an error message!
Try removing printer and reinstalling the lot.

max-e-mim, Oct 4, 10:31am
Is the cartridge New new or refilled new
Perhaps it is empty (yes I know you said new) or a dud
It does happen from time to time
Take it back to the shop and see what they say

nobles, Oct 4, 12:49pm
Buying a Lexmark printer was the first problem.

sonns79, Oct 5, 12:30am
My printer cost me $50 on special down from $99 its a Canon MP190.
Everytime I try it, it says that it is blocked and low on ink.I have 2 full cartridges which cost more than the dam thing.I cant see anything in there it was blocked but I am sure I got whatever out.It just wont work.It would probably cost more than $50 to fix it wouldn't it!If you have any suggestions let me know.

netty26, Oct 5, 8:32am
max-e-mim I put in a new one & had another new one as well. Both never worked.Have turned it off and unplug it. Checked inside where cart goes incase had dust or something but nothing there.So mad as had just bought 2 new carts which arent cheap and they were'nt refill ones.

netty26, Oct 5, 8:33am
Yes I would never get it fixed.

netty26, Oct 5, 8:35am
Ok What printer do you have.

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