Remote Access

My computer wont connect to my computer at work, the remote access seems to be fine on the work computer but when I try log in from home it keeps telling me there is an error.The person who set up the remote access used the no-ip website and I need to know how to fix this as I have work to do from home.Any ideas on how I can fix it!

geek_scc01, Oct 2, 5:03 am

DID it used to work previously !If so what has changed !what version of windows on both.what remote access program !

geek_drcspy, Oct 2, 5:14 am

ask the IT guy at work to sort it out !

geek_drcspy, Oct 2, 5:15 am

Unfortunately there is no IT guy at work. It did work previously, but I have had the odd trouble (which is not acceptable as we paid for the service to set up remote access on my computer from home).I have windows 7 and the computer at work is windos xp. The remote access program I'm not 100% sure, but there is a No-Ip green little icon at the bottom of my work computer and apparently I have to make sure that the three boxes on there are updated and ticked, which is what I did when I left on Friday. I even went in yesterday to check it and it's all ok. I have work to finish before Monday and the tech people are closed on a sunday.

geek_scc01, Oct 2, 5:20 am

Difficult to help if you cant say whst program it is you are using

geek_drcspy, Oct 2, 5:57 am

if you are using the windows 7 built in remote access app this wont connect to windows xp remote appwas reading up on this the other day,

geek_kevtech, Oct 2, 6:08 am

geek_scc01, Oct 2, 6:12 am

it is possible ur router maybe blocking, try restarting it and your computer and then try to connect

geek_kevtech, Oct 2, 6:31 am

Total twaddle, no consumer grade nat routers block outgoing traffic.

geek_spyware, Oct 2, 8:39 am

Using services like no IP is rather unreliable. Why not get a static IP address at your work. To check if no-ip is working correctly you log into their website and compare the public address recorded with the public address on your work routers WAN interface. Use to find this address but you need to be at work.

geek_spyware, Oct 2, 8:43 am

Also you need to have a port forwarded in your work router to support services like RDP, remote desktop protocol. If the router has been rset for any reason then the port forward would have been lost.

geek_spyware, Oct 2, 8:45 am