Acer Laptop and Wireless

gb, Oct 1, 8:41pm
Hi - just joined Xtra. Desktop speeds along but laptop although connected cannot open pages or send mail.Says excellent signal strength. Same Acer laptop worked with well other providers.Using Vista.What to do!

gb, Oct 1, 8:43pm
Excuse 2 posts - first didn't show for a few minutes thought It hadn't made it.

swivel, Oct 1, 8:57pm
Have you put in a password, is the wireless on the notebook G or N. Stength is only from notebook to modem (connected or not), so password would be first guess

gb, Oct 1, 9:06pm
yes there is a password not sure what G or N means

spyware, Oct 1, 9:17pm
And did you use the correct password. Type "ipconfig /all" at shell prompt and advise as to what IP address the wireless interface has. if it has a 169.254.x.y type addres then your password is incorrect. If it has a valid address/subnet then ping your default gateway, i.e., the router. Do you get a response!

gb, Oct 1, 9:22pm
Thanks might take a moment as laptop not turned on right now and I have to rush out. Back SAP

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