Remote access

happysmile4, Oct 1, 9:38pm
how can someone remote access your computer!

mechnificent, Oct 1, 9:50pm
Do you want to arrange it or prevent it!

babcorp, Oct 1, 9:51pm
Only if you let them.

mark.52, Oct 2, 12:32am
Control Panel>System> Remote, tick the box. (I advise leaving it UN-ticked, unless you have a specific reason.)

There's a link to a help file there, too.

r.g.nixon, Oct 2, 12:34am
Hi happysmile4 - just been browsing your computer. Nice photo of you on the massage table!

happysmile4, Oct 5, 8:11pm
I dont have any pictures of myself on a massage table. This comment is very lewd and I am reporting you.

owene, Oct 5, 8:31pm
r.g.nixon - you are seriously in the shit!I must be as well coz I also saw those lewd pictures, why would anyone keep that sortof stuff on their PC! Disgusting. I've downloaded and sent them off to the Sunday Sport.

little_egypt, Oct 5, 9:59pm
VERY VERY VERY important question

WHO or WHAT has told you that your computer has been hacked into! An Indian-sounding caller on the phone perhaps!

mrfxit, Oct 5, 11:26pm
LOL ha ha hathe jokes on r.g.nixon .

That was his grandma's computer he saw the pic's on.

happysmile4, Oct 6, 1:01am
creeps the lot of you

mrfxit, Oct 6, 1:03am
& yet . you are happy to smile 4! (who)

Oh . & thank you ;-)

little_egypt, Oct 6, 1:07am
Did you want help or is this just a windup thread!

Ignore the jokes. If you want help it is very important that you answer the question. What makes you think your computer has been 'hacked into'! Did you get a pop-up window! Did someone call you and tell you!

If you cannot or will not answer this question then we cannot help you.

max-e-mim, Oct 6, 1:11am
Me tinks this op was straight out of parenting

max-e-mim, Oct 6, 1:13am
Happysmilenot in answer to your OP , the answer is YES
Problemo solvedo

mrfxit, Oct 6, 1:19am
Gardening mostly

mrfxit, Oct 6, 1:22am
Several different ways.

Personal access to setup the remote software (often the kids)
Trojan infection
You accidentally set it up
You forgot to disable it last time you or the kids used it.
Some online games that offer help, set it up

mrfxit, Oct 6, 1:23am
AGAIN . . what makes you think it's been hacked.

little_egypt, Oct 6, 4:52am
In answer to the original question. The surest way for someone to get remote access to your computer is for them to phone you up at random and suggest that there's some problem that needs to be fixed and persuade you to download and run some sort of software which gives them remote access to your computer.

Does that sounds like what might have happened!

drcspy, Oct 6, 5:00am
yep it's amazing how many fools trust a voice on the phone making unsubstantiated claims about them being from 'microsoft' or the bank or whoever.

owene, Oct 6, 6:11am
Happy smile must have been smoking that green stuff again and thought he'd been whacked by the all intrusive whacker (or was that hacker)!

dunedin_ree, Oct 6, 6:12am
Way to ask for help.

dunedin_ree, Oct 6, 6:13am
Heh, that's a very specific scenario you pulled from your imagination there.

mrfxit, Oct 6, 6:25am
Voted on Gibler ;-)

na, kidding

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