Intel i5

comfreak91, Oct 1, 10:52pm
Hi All. Just a question about laptops -

Tossing up between a $650 laptop which is
500gb intel core 2 duo 2.0ghz, 6GB ram (Compaq)
and a $899 one which is intel i5 2.6ghz 4GB

Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be a better pick between the two! To be used for mainly office work. Was thinking of going for 6GB unless intel i5 is much better ! Thanks a lot

vtecintegra, Oct 1, 10:55pm
CPU is the last thing you should be worrying about, much more relevant is things like how nice the keyboard and touchpad are to use, and how good the screen looks, battery life, build quality etc

You definitely don't need more than 4GB of RAM under any circumstance

comfreak91, Oct 1, 10:59pm
Thanks :) I should probably add I use macromedia flash & photoshop sometimes. Its locking up like hell on this 1.6ghz Core 2 duo laptop 2gb ram, Possibly could do with a reformat though. Had it for like 4 years now.

r.g.nixon, Oct 2, 12:19am
Tried these over it! CCleaner & Advanced System Care.

dark_tower, Oct 2, 12:25am
i5 any day.

charles.j, Oct 2, 12:28am
the i5 will be far better

comfreak91, Oct 2, 12:35am
Yep CCleaner run recently, malware bytes+ defrag too.

comfreak91, Oct 2, 12:36am
Unfortunately I had written the laptop specs wrong
Laptop 1: Intel Pentium dual core 2.0ghz, 6GB Ram, $644 Compaq
Laptop 2: 2.66ghz Intel Core i5. 4GB Ram $899 HP

dark_tower, Oct 2, 12:42am
Still i5.

drcspy, Oct 2, 12:43am
Laptop 2: 2.66ghz Intel Core i5. 4GB Ram $899 HP

the better one

_sms_, Oct 2, 12:43am
Core i5 without doubt.

b.j.nichols, Oct 2, 3:45am
They are both HP so neither are any good.

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