addington261, Jun 12, 7:47am
Telstraclear Has any emcountered problems with telstraclear's cable broadband 1GB.

my usage meter shows that I've been downloading quite a bit and I know that this computer has'nt been on during those times.

I'm waiting on the phone for faults to pick after being re-directed there by a human, a couple of hours ago.

This same human was adamant that i was downloading between 7 and 9 pm lastnight (11 June 2008)when the computer wouldn't access the internet because the internet protocol (TCP/IP)Properties had wiped itself thus preventing internet access.

bogues1, Jun 12, 11:49am
Telstraclear like all other ISPs measure traffic at their router that gets sent to your ADSL modem. Even if your computer is off, you may have left your ADSL modem/router on, and that received traffic.

addington261, Jun 14, 6:50am
When we were with xtra my 1G was enough for the month , I never went any where near my limit. Within 2 weeks of being with telstraclear I was over and it has been like that for a month and a half. There customer service is the pits with promises to investigate and ring back ( which they don't) On their Broadband Internet Usage Meter it shows a pattern of downloads between 2am and 5am which certainly is not me . I am in bed with everything turned off. I am ready to change back to xtra and really pi**ed off big time.

vtecintegra, Jun 14, 7:19am
tcp/ip settings don't just 'wipe themselves'. Are you sure your machine isn't compromised? Also are you running a wireless router? If so are you sure it's properly secured?

addington261, Jun 14, 7:49am
My computer is clean and no I am not running a wireless router.

addington261, Jun 15, 7:13am
Bump for any help.

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