I have a 3g ipad how to i go about getting a sim e

kiwilocks, Oct 2, 7:34am
I have no idea, i brought it in aus and have been using it at home, but thought sometimes id quiet like to use it with a sim but have no idea where to start.Does the data expire everymonth! like i may only use it on the sim occassionally. thanks heaps.

geekstore, Oct 2, 7:37am
Just go into a Telecom or Vodafone shop and ask for a MicroSIM on a Mobile Broadband plan. It's between you and the provider to discuss your prepay or plan requirements.

kiwilocks, Oct 2, 7:49am
do two degrees do them, im with them for my phone. Can you do them on prepay or do you have to be tied into a plan.

pyro_sniper2002, Oct 2, 8:56am
Yes they do, look at their website and find a suitable plan and then ring them and tell them what you want to do.they will send you a microsim.

geekstore, Oct 2, 9:41pm
Yep 2degrees do them as well - keep on forgetting them!

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