Can a PDF file (adobe acrobat) be altered !

evie12, Oct 3, 1:38am
I have received a PDF file that has been created in adobe acrobat from another uni student for our group assignment which is due tomorrow.I was thinking I could just add my part of the work to the document and we could then send it electronically to Massey,but I've opened the file and it won't accept the info I'm trying to cut and paste into it.Does anyone know if there is anyway I can add my info or am I going to have to re-type the entire 9 page document!TIA

r.g.nixon, Oct 3, 1:46am
Create a subsequent document - call it part two or whatever. Rename the first one 'part 1'.

evie12, Oct 3, 1:54am
it still appears to be 'read only'

r.g.nixon, Oct 3, 2:03am
You can't alter it.

debz_8, Oct 3, 2:19am
Yes you can,my daughter did it for my husband so he could edit a cv he wanted to send away.Don't know what she did as I wasn't here at the time.Something to do with chaning it to word I think it was.Can't be more helpful sorry.

jaja6, Oct 3, 2:32am
Most people like yourself has a copy of the free Adobe Reader but that only allow you to read. You would need a paid Adobe Acrobat Pro to edit PDF files.

lostdude, Oct 3, 2:34am
Tell your uni mate to send you the word document.

hakatere1, Oct 3, 2:39am
This is an ongoing problem with education establishments. It's about time they got their act together and made sure students know how to access and submit work in pdf. It's pretty damn important. It can make otherwise bright students look like morons.

bmwnz, Oct 3, 2:51am
There are free programmes around to do the job for you. Just Google them.

bmwnz, Oct 3, 2:59am

gyrogearloose, Oct 3, 7:17am
Since it's a group assignment, just ask the other member of your group for their content in Word format, so that you can add your bits.

stella99990, Oct 3, 7:19am
Not unless you have Adobe Acrobat Pro.

travis47, Oct 3, 7:25am
You need to purchase the software to edit them and that only works if the document has not been set as read only by the document creator. Adode allows anyoe to download for free the reading software so that their files are viewable by anyone and therefore their market is larger.

-mung-, Oct 3, 10:39am
Well too late to tell you now, but you don't edit pdfs. Not in the way you are thinking.
Cmd+d (ctrl+d) will give you info about the document such as what created it.

If it started life out as a plain word doc as everyone is assuming, select all (cmd+a) copy and paste back into word. Check that nothing has gone funny.

Never let anyone send you a document you have to work on as a pdf. It's the digital equivalent of sending you a laser print and asking you to edit that.

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