Anyone In Howick On Orcon ADSL2+ ??

pawlovers, Jun 12, 12:33pm
Anyone In Howick On Orcon ADSL2+ ?? wanting to know your averge speeds.

pawlovers, Jun 13, 5:12am
Bump =)

gobi, Jun 13, 9:23am
Yip, about 3.3km from exchangeAttenuation is 47.2dB - getting 4900kbps down and 800kbps up. The closer you are to the exchange, the better these figures get!

pawlovers, Jun 13, 12:18pm
Awesome! I will probbably switch over when we move and do you have the orcon home-hub? It would come free with the plan I'd getDoes it have ethernet ports?

gobi, Jun 14, 9:09am
Home-hubYes, comes with ethernet ports plus wireless access point. Not a bad piece of kit made by Siemens.

peepme, Jun 14, 9:16am
Rei am on adsl1 and even i am getting
7409 down and 744 up and i am with xtra.Gobi you should be getting more that if you are on adsl2

gi99a, Jun 14, 9:28am
Wot do you get now Paw? ADSL 2+ may not make a diff as said, it depends on how far you are from exchange. I am about 1km on a Telecom connection, ADSL 2+ and get about 14 MB/sec

flewy, Jun 14, 9:32am
Lol i get more than that poster 4

soodanim, Jun 14, 10:57am
I returned my home hub I get better speeds on my 3com. The seimens router wouldn't connect higher the 4800kbps where as the 3com connects between 6200 - 6700....Try another one before sticking to the Seimens router just to make sure.

pawlovers, Jun 14, 11:09am
Ok, does anyone know where the exchange is? I am moving to Evelyn Road. Soon. And was wondering how far that would be. I currently get about 3400kbps with xnet ADSL. and a D-Link Router. I think the homehub maybe better.

pawlovers, Jun 15, 1:33am
Bump Cannot wait until Auckland gets Telstra Fibre

gobi, Jun 15, 7:59am
Howick Exchange

gobi, Jun 15, 8:06am
Hey soodhow far are you from your exchange, else what's your attenuation and noise dB stats? Anyone else getting better download with around 47dB attenuation? I phoned Orcon and said I was expecting ~6mbps based on ADSL2+ graphs I've seen - they fobbed me off saying at 3.3km I shouldn't be expecting more than 4mbps.

pawlovers, Jun 15, 11:42am
Thanks gobi. O FFS! The place im moving from is like 1 road away. =(. Howe. Dammit. Ohwell.

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