Pronlems with ADSL dropping

thepuppydad, Oct 5, 5:18am
Hey, in the past few weeks, our ADSL keeps disconnecting. All it takes is a power reset to get it going again, but then it may only last for 5 minutes and i have to do it again! Its becoming a pain. I have tried another adsl modem, but the same thing happens.Its a nuisance for using remote desktop.Any ideas what it could be!Will ring the isp, just thought some one might know.

lugee, Oct 5, 5:25am
Tried another computer to eliminate issues on your end! Other than that, it could be your line quality or distance from the DSLAM.

thepuppydad, Oct 5, 5:31am
Yea we have 4 pcs + wifi ipad in the house.The "internet" LED on the modem goes out when it happens.I live 3 houses down from the local exchange. how can i test line quality!

gyrogearloose, Oct 5, 7:17am
Make a phone call, the line should be as clear as Bell telephony. Otherwise it's a noisy line, complain.

Also try disconnecting all of the phones, faxes and filters - just connect the adsl modem without a filter, to see how long the connection stands up. This helps identify a faulty filter, or faulty phone.

smac, Oct 5, 7:17pm
When I had this issue it was because they were in the process of upgrading the local gear to ADSL2. Had about a week of crap connections, then all good.

babe3babes, Oct 5, 7:25pm
It happen with me a while back. A corrosive phone jack in a room that did not get any sun was the problem. I removed jack and internet stopped dropping.

groovebox, Oct 6, 2:38am
If the ADSL modem is older - then it may be failing and require replacement. Other then that - line problem or another change in the network that is upsetting the apple cart. (added a printer or any network device!)

nice175, Oct 6, 3:05am
Modem dropping can mean that you don't have a filter on all your phone lines - unplug all your phones and see if it drops. Another thing to check is your alarm system - have you had a system recently installed! Is there a filter installed on the alarm!

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