Best place for power cable - acer

Can someone tell me where to go for a cable for the lap top. The cable end that goes into the lap top is touchy, It is the cable rather than the socket on the lap top because when you twist the wire cable it powers up again, cheers TIA.

geek_rover79, Oct 6, 1:32 pm

geek_little_egypt, Oct 6, 1:38 pm

Appreciate the link but I want one today and the ones in there are no pickup, pity as the ones advertised have the same specs.

geek_rover79, Oct 6, 1:43 pm

ACER laptops usually take a fairly generic 19v power supply (the same voltage and plug is used by many different brands) You should be able to get a replacement at most computer or electronic places.

geek_little_egypt, Oct 6, 2:13 pm

Or search on ebay and perhaps here on TM

geek_max-e-mim, Oct 6, 2:18 pm

cheers, they don't look costly so I suppose it wouldn't matter where I went. Thought they might be 80 bucks or something if you went to the wrong places.

geek_rover79, Oct 6, 2:19 pm

If you want it today then go to Dick Smith and buy a new one. But do remember to take a huge bucket with a big strong man to carry it. It willneed tobe filled with gold coins.

geek_owene, Oct 6, 2:56 pm

Not wrong there $179 they had cheaper ones there at $99 but I think $20 on here is looking good. found one on here that allows pickups.

geek_rover79, Oct 6, 6:02 pm