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wildflower, Oct 8, 2:30am
Sorry if this has been asked before but I have a Brother printer I'm really happy with, it's going to cost $80 or more to replace the cartridges with genuine Brother ones or I can do the lot with compatible ones for $43, big difference when I'm on limited income, but I don't want to risk damaging my printer if compatible is not recommended.Anyone!

bryshaw, Oct 8, 3:02am
It always amazes me how cartridge manufacturers get away with exhorbitant prices, when the actual ink content is worth about $2. Add another $10 say for the container and built in chip and the rest is profit.

gyrogearloose, Oct 8, 3:06am
It's cheaper again to buy the refill kits at the mall, typically they have a syringe and bottles of ink with instructions on how to get the plug out.

newbie5, Oct 8, 3:20am
Why dont you just buy a new printer. It will be cheaper than buying new ink cartridges

footplate1, Oct 8, 3:34am
I go into Take Note and have them refilled there.Takes about a week.Although I recently sent one back as they hadn't sealed it correctly and the ink had leaked all over the envelope.But the refills don't worry my Canon.

wildflower, Oct 8, 3:38am
Buying a new printer every time the cartridges run out would hardly be good for the environment.

stella99990, Oct 8, 3:43am
If it is under 3 years old and you have only used genuine brother cartridges if it breaks down the will fix it free but if you have used compatibles even if it is in the first year warranty they won't cover it.
My MFC5890CN was fixed free and was two years old because I used the genuine brother cartridges. Also some compatibles bung up the ink jets and shorten the life of the printer.

puffydawg, Oct 8, 3:46am
the manufactueres and reapirs can only refuse warranty on the machine if they can 100% gaurantee that the compatible cartridges caused the damage, we sell ikon ink at work and they gurantee the ink and if it stuffs your printer they wil repair or replace the printer.

wildflower, Oct 8, 4:03am
The printer is about 1 1/2 years old, so far I've only used genuine Brother cartridges, thanks for the advice stella99990 and puffydawg.This is about my third printer, first Brother, and I don't like that they seem to be a disposible item.This one works really well so probably not worth the risk trying compatibles.

stella99990, Oct 8, 4:08am
Yeah well I would stick with the genuine ones as my logic board went which would have been a throw away the printer job if it wasn't repaired for nothing.
Try buying your ink cartridges from PB Technologies. They are good for genuine cartridge prices. They have a shop on here. Just type PB tech as member. The sell masses amount of stuff. I have tried around and they were the cheapest.

wildflower, Oct 8, 4:14am
Thanks, yeah I liked that Brother offered good back up and warranty here in NZ.You've made my mind up for me :)

ralphdog1, Oct 8, 4:31am
I look at it this way, you will save about $40 a time, and a replacement run of the mill printer is say $120!
So once you have used 3 sets of cartridges you have saved the cost of a new printer.
So it is really a question of do you feel lucky!
I do, have been using aftermarket ones in my Canon for about 4 years, so have long since saved the price of a new printer.

drcspy, Oct 8, 4:36am
you probably paid several times over the value of the printer so that you could 'protect your warranty' and you say it was the logic board that died anyway which has nothing to do with ink.complete waste of money using geniuine carts

drcspy, Oct 8, 4:41am
I have a brother dcp 165c which cost about $80 about 2 1/2 years ago.I've NEVER used the 'real' brother fact when the first ones supplied with the printer ran out I immediately googled how to refill them and used some ink I had lying around from my old canon printer (compatible refill ink).it worked perfectly.for the last 12 months or so I've been using epson ink (compatible) which was given to me by a friend who had purchased a CISS kit for an epson but had endless trouble with it and gave it away to me in the end.I use the refill bottles which if you have to buy them are $12.50 for 100Ml I think.(FAR cheaper than any 'brother' ink).anyway the printer runs perfectly with this ink.I NEVER buy 'real' ink it's a extreme rippoff.

You say your printer is a year and a half old and you've always used real much has that cost you !Personally my ink costs for the last two and a half years running have totalled about $15 and I dont anticipate having to buy anyink for the next three or so years (approx guess based on the amount of ink I have here).

wildflower, Oct 8, 5:22am
I don't print very much so I've only bought cartridges twice so far, I can see your point though.

gdnshack, Oct 8, 7:30am
Have got the genuine black ink in my Canon, but have it set to print in "greyscale" and "fast" (draft) so it uses less ink on the page.Been using the same one since June and it is still half full, even when they say empty I've found it will keep printing for another month.With the colour ink I will try Cartridge World for that at some stage, but I was told by them that sometimes the replacement cartridges play up and was given instructions on how to reset the machine so that the replacement would work.Can't be bothered at the moment.

michael555, Oct 8, 7:03pm
I get my brother ones off TM.nzdist is the product and fantastic service. Have a look

wildflower, Oct 9, 1:56am
Thanks michael555, will do.

waynenz, Oct 9, 7:32am
I use the CISS system, on my brother printer, which is available on their site. Have used the system for nearly 2 years now and is heaps cheaper

socram, Oct 9, 7:46am
I gave up with ink jets (though I still seem to have two sitting around doing nothing) and went for a colour Laser instead. Sure, you don't get the gloss on photographs, (I don't normally bother printing them anyway) but the toners last really well.
Totally agree that it is not very environmentally friendly to biff cheap printers but they rely on you paying top dollars for refills to make their profits.Total rip offs.

max-e-mim, Oct 9, 8:01am
I run two brands of printers
each having refillable cartridges and never had a problem yet with the inks
HOWEVER ! , I source the ink from only certain countries and there lies the key
I never buy refilled carts "online" or "mall" shops
Sure it can be messy, but well worth it
On average a refill would cost me about 7 ~10 cents each color and 50c for black

deus701, Oct 9, 4:49pm
I had a pricey cannon which got stuffed by cheap ink. Then I got a cheap epson, used genuine catridges for a while till I felt ripped off and switched to cheap generic inks. So far so good, and if the printer stuffs up I wont cry over it.

wildflower, Oct 10, 2:46am
I've taken Michael555's advice, the seller mentioned sounds pretty good, great feedback.

michael555, Oct 10, 2:54am
I'm sure you'll be pleased. I've used his ink for a long time with no problems what so ever

kiwi4jesus, Oct 10, 3:55am
I have a Brother printer and get my inks from Appliance Electronics. Courier charge $4.95 .really fast delivery.and $9.95 for the cartridges. Their phone number is 06 8633099 .I only had one leaky cartridge, and they replaced that free, otherwise they have been really good and no hassles over at least 5 years. You can Google them online. Have your credit card ready if you phone them. Hope this helps you. Blessings Yvonne

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