Acer laptop

Hi there I was wondering where I get replacement keys for mynlappy, I don't need all of them tia

geek_lisa380, Oct 8, 8:33 pm

What do you mean by replacement keys! Software install keys or the keys to the lid! or what!

geek_owene, Oct 8, 8:53 pm

I am missing four letters on the keypad the windows key and space bar

geek_lisa380, Oct 8, 9:27 pm

I have had this happen as well.

geek_tapuwer, Oct 8, 9:30 pm .get in touch with this guy he is a trader for laptop on trade me. he will sell you the keys you are missing an he usually snaps them in place for free

geek_addme, Oct 8, 9:48 pm

The model number of your acer would help.

geek_blenheim-trader, Oct 8, 10:19 pm

Or you can get an old broken acer laptop and just take the keys off it lol

geek_mone, Oct 9, 2:18 pm

That's helpful to know.

geek_owene, Oct 9, 3:04 pm

Dunno about Acer but a new (copy) Tosh laptop is easy to fit and costs about $40 on average.

geek_owene, Oct 9, 3:05 pm