Acer A500

mummytwo, Oct 8, 8:13pm
Does anyone have an issue downloading update! I've bin trying to download an update but it gets so far and will stop so I done a fatory reset and it seemed to b working and got it almost downloaded and bang stoped working again!

drcspy, Oct 8, 8:34pm
WHAT update !

macnamara, Oct 8, 8:55pm
Go intto settings, manage apps, all apps, find the system updater and clear it's data, reboot, should reprompt download and may work, may not.

Try not to interrupt the download process too. Does WIFI turn off when it sleeps!

mummytwo, Oct 9, 6:17am
I done a reboot and got it to download but then went to install and it said invalled update was 376mb update

macnamara, Oct 9, 10:06am
Did you clear the data!

I got the invalid update message, but after clearing the data it worked fine.

mummytwo, Oct 9, 7:44pm
How do u clear the data! Its not come back since it try to install

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