Printer only printing black!

rowe2, Oct 10, 8:49am
I have recently put new cartridges in my printer only to find that the colour ones print but the black will not.have tried cleaning but to no avail.Does anyone have any other ideas or should I just get another printer.This one is fairly new so am a tad bit peeved.

max-e-mim, Oct 10, 8:51am
OK, he's all yours guys

rowe2, Oct 10, 9:00am
Thanks for the advise.

max-e-mim, Oct 10, 11:02am
You haven't given the group a lot to go on, infact "zero"
The printer model and make goes a long way in helping peeps to assist you.

max-e-mim, Oct 10, 11:04am
ps this icon is a laughing face and not tears
perhaps ppl think its a joke thread which its not
Try a pink sad face next time aye

rowe2, Oct 25, 7:31am
For starters hes a she and so maybe I didnt give enough information but not really down with the sarcasm thanks.
by the way its a brother mfc-290c and I recently replaced the ink cartridges but the black will not print for me.

footplate1, Oct 25, 10:28pm
Had the same problem with a Canon 700 mx and ended up having to take it in to be serviced.Apart from the loss of time and faxability, Canon did the trick.

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