Help needed, my email account has been blocked!

hi there, i really need some advice.I have tried to log in to my emails and an error message has informed me that my account has been blocked.I've entered both address & password correct, as per normal.Ive not sent any email that could be offensive or threatening in any way at all & every other time i've used this email address, there has been no problem what so ever!.I've looked for relevant information about being blocked from''and am getting nowhere.I've also not changed any of my network settings.If anyone can explain why this has occurred or maybe offer some advice & solutions I would be very grateful.It is really doing my head in!Starting to go into panic mode. error message says "your account has been blocked"Please HELP !

geek_outthegateover, Oct 11, 4:23 am

how are you going about logging in !
are you using microsoft out look express or a similar program or are you logging into a webmail address !

geek_drcspy, Oct 11, 4:52 am

Hi.I use a web based email at ''.I'm unable to log in to that.I have a macbook pro & I use safari & have recently started using google chrome as my browser.Not sure if this is related or not, but earlier yesterday when I turned my mac on, the timezone had changed & had gone back in time to '01/01/ computer then informed me that some applications may be unstable due to the different time zone.Its the first time thats ever happened & I found this to be a bit odd to be honest.I changed the timezone & everything seemed fine.I was also able to log into my email with no issues.I have had no issue with being able to log into trademe, facebook and is just my email account.I hope this doesnt mean i'm going to lose my email address & emails!I've never encountered this problem with gmail and hotmail and I changed to because of it better suiting my needs.It is a good webmail provider otherwise. Thanks for your time.

geek_outthegateover, Oct 11, 6:52 am

Your BIOS battery is dead.
And not being able to log in to mail has nothing to do with losing mails or the account. If you can't start your car in the morning does that mean it's not yours anymore!

geek_lythande1, Oct 11, 7:15 am

geek_r.g.nixon, Oct 11, 7:40 am

Oh dear how do i undead the bios battery! excuse my ignorance regarding computer terminology. If my car did not start then I would call the car fixit guys & temporarily disown it til it was behaving properly.Do i need to take my apple to a technician!or can I fumble my way to recovery! This problem sounds serious. is it!Yay about my email address and emails being safe tho thats some comfort.thankyou lythande1

geek_outthegateover, Oct 11, 7:54 am

Thanks have already sent an online form asking for their assistance.They havnt been helpful so far so that is why I thought I would make use of the this message board.

geek_outthegateover, Oct 11, 7:58 am

I tried logging into on my friends pc on different internet connection and still the same result.ive been blocked from accessing my email. the bios battery.!what side effects is my mac likely to display!surely since im unable to log in on completely different pc/internet it isnt this that is causing my email woes is it!. i feel so dumb today!

geek_outthegateover, Oct 11, 8:39 am

Yesterday, I opened up a new E-mail account with

This evening I tried to log in and my account was blocked!

I haven't done anything yet. I only received the usual 2 e-mails welcoming me to

But I have not sent any E-mails from my new account yet.

I have an E-mail with

I use my IncrediMail program to access my E-mails from

Then I tried to set up my IncrediMail to also access my E-mail from

Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.

I don't know, perhaps it's not allowed to use another E-mail program to access my account.

I can't find anything concerning TOS, Terms Of Service at

Also, I have not used it yet to sent E-mails.

I know I haven't done anything wrong.

So, why was my new account blocked after just 24 hours?

Tonight I started a new account at

But it's on the web site.

I hope my new account doesn't get blocked.

Is this some stupid Republican or Christian Fundamentalist thing going on in the USA these days?

We are beginning to lose more of our basic rights here in the USA.

This really sucks out loud!

geek_big_fat_heretic@, Nov 8, 7:58 pm

Don't feel rejected. I've been a premium service customer of for several years and I can't log in, either. Just found out when I got a blast of 'bot spam generated by's webmail portal, from my email account. I can't log in, so I can't change my password, and can't reach them 'cause the home page is broken, won't let me leave "feedback" to tell them webmail doesn't work.

Suggest everyone whose email account's been hacked, and anyone who relies on their webmail portal, contact the people who are supposed to own them, per the whois info here:

[owner-c] handle: 11191630
[owner-c] type: ORG
[owner-c] title:
[owner-c] fname: Jan
[owner-c] lname: Oetjen
[owner-c] org: 1&1 Mail & Media Inc.
[owner-c] address: 701 Lee Rd.
[owner-c] address: Suite 300
[owner-c] city: Chesterbrook
[owner-c] pcode: 19087
[owner-c] country: US
[owner-c] state: PA
[owner-c] phone: +1-877-4612631
[owner-c] fax: +1-610-5601501
[owner-c] email:
[owner-c] protection: B
[owner-c] updated: 2011-04-18 12:11:38

geek_traveling_geek, Nov 11, 5:26 am

I have the exact same problem with
I've had the account for months now and all of a sudden I started receiving the message (your account has been blocked). I sent the support team a message using the ''need help?'' link above the login area and got no answer, either. Don't know what to do. It's got business emails in there. I'm stuck!

geek_guest, Nov 22, 11:04 am

oh and I ever tried accessing it using the outlook but that was just another failure. I think even outlook cannot access it now!

geek_guest, Nov 22, 11:11 am

Same issue here. I have 2 accounts with and one is blocked and the other is not.
I contacted support and hopefully I can get this straightened out. :(

geek_guest, Nov 23, 3:39 pm

Guys, they answered my complaints!! Hey, all you have to do is scroll down their ''automated message'' that you receive and at the end of the message you will find some questions that you need to answer about your account then send them back to customer care (their automated msg to you)

Here, this is an extract from their message to me:

Please provide us with the following information so we can assist you in regaining access to your account.

This required information is necessary for security and verification purposes.

Email address (

First and last name on file:

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY):


Date of Registration (approx.):

Contact email address on file (alternate):

Last successful login:

Secret question and answer:

IP address of the device you use to login to your account:

If you are not sure what your public IP address is, or how to check it, you can use the following site:

Answer these and send them back to the customer care (same email of sender) just press reply to the automated message. Problem is I have always ignored the automated message thinking it's no help.

geek_amelie-_cairo, Nov 25, 9:56 am

Guys, they answered back after I answered the questions above then sent them back now the problem is sorted .. Good luck for all!

geek_guestgeek_amelie, Nov 27, 5:26 pm

Care to tell us what the resolution is?

geek_guest, Apr 23, 11:57 pm

I have tha same problem and the answer to the message of with data requested had no effect; my account is always blocked.

geek_guest, May 1, 9:12 pm

No answer at all after filling it out...

geek_guest, Aug 31, 4:29 am

This happened to me. I set up a system to gather email from several accounts and forward them to a 'collector' account at Then I downloaded all the emails using Thunderbird so that I could save emails offline. This system worked fine for less than one day, then I got the dreaded 'Your Account Has Been Blocked' message. I filled in their form immediately but only got an automated reply saying they are looking at my complaint. In the meantime, emails are being sent to them which I can't read. This is not a service anyone should use if they rely on email for work or want use it for anything other than a bit of fun.

geek_guest, Jul 24, 7:53 pm

my account was also blocked today. there is no support phone number to call.

Geek amelie cairo is right, check the automated email that you get from, scroll down to

How do you access your account? Webclient (

click on that link, then you will be prompted to change your password, because your account has been hacked into by those who take orders by the powers that be.

then log in to your as usual

Thank goodness that worked.

geek_mail.com_blocked, Nov 8, 1:32 pm

you will not let me in my mail nor will you take the password I choose you have really pissed me off the password is my chose

geek_guest, Mar 24, 6:22 am

My Microsoft account is blocked due to many attempts, please restored my account, Thanks

geek_mossy, Nov 22, 10:24 pm