USB Wifi network adapter for my LED TV!

vitaminh, Oct 11, 7:01am
Hi learned folk. I have a shiny new 50" LG LED TV I have hooked it up to the net via an Ethernet port through my laptop to my wireless router. it is a bit of a pain to have to disconnect the cable every time I need to use the laptop elsewhere. You can get one of these for it.
dapter-for-lg-tvs/539876. I was wondering if there is any cheaper options that would work for this situation! or does it have to be an LG adapter! Thanks very much.

drcspy, Oct 11, 7:27am
$39 australian ! too expensive ! .

thunderstorm, Oct 11, 7:30am
why not connect cable from tv to router! instead of tv to laptop

vitaminh, Oct 11, 7:48am
Hi Perry, It seems that JB don't ship to NZ from what I can tell. and they are $130 from Harveys here. And trying to convince my wife to spend $130 when I just spent $4000 on a TV, Well lets just say it wont be a fun conversation :) I was more wondering if other wifi dongles would work than anything else! Cheers all. Oh and my TV is really far away from the router and I can't be assed running a really long cat5 cable across the house, It would be ugly :)

vitaminh, Oct 11, 7:50am
Whoops. It seems they do indeed deliver to international customers. For a price. I have just inquired with them as to the cost. YAY :)

vitaminh, Oct 11, 7:52am

spyware, Oct 11, 7:57am
Why not use an access point in client mode - connects to Ethernet port of course. Wireless is not what I would recommend thouh as streamed content in 1080p can exceed the capability of a 802.11g connection.

Wire, i.e., cat6, would future proof you for fibre to the home.

lostdude, Oct 11, 8:35pm
I have the odd dropout streaming 1080p via 802.11g to my old laptop, but I think it's mainly due to my Belkin router having some incompatibility issue(s) with certain intel wifi adapters. Other than that, via N (300Mbps), faultless.

merlot06, Oct 11, 9:11pm
I tried connecting laptop to my Internet capable Sony TV via cable to Thomson router but could not network the laptop ,what am I doing Wrong!

vitaminh, Oct 12, 9:24am
I have contacted JB and they will indeed send me one of those $39 adapters so that is all good. But I have found the wireless through my laptop perfect. Steaming movies ytoutube etc on my TV works perfectly. I would keep using that method if it wasn't such a pain to keep plugging and unplugging the Ethernet cable all the time. Cheers guys.

directorylist, Oct 12, 11:34am
g should be suitable for most if not all 1080p sources. I'm pretty sure the Blueray standard is for 50Mb/s almost none i've found so far come close.

I've been streaming over g and even 100Mb/s with no issues for quite awhile

guest, Jul 27, 9:43am
still $100 in nz and only $39 in auzzie. still a rip off.

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