Adobe Student Edition software

psc01, Oct 11, 10:57pm
During installation of such software, does the program ask for a Student ID to be entered or for proof of being a student! Has anyone here loaded an Adobe student edition software on their computer and encountered this here in NZ! I landed up with the wrong edition of software and want to know If I can go ahead and install it without any issues.

suicidemonkey, Oct 11, 11:52pm
No, as far as I know you have to prove you're a student at the time of purchase. If you've already got the software, just type in the CD key.

r.g.nixon, Oct 12, 12:16am
We got Adobe Photoshop Elements. Read all the details, checked images carefully. When we got it installed, the splash screen says 'Educational version'. There is nothing on the case or CD to indicate that. It works fine!

ronaldo8, Oct 12, 12:17am
No, you need to prove your a student in order to purchase the licence, not install or use the software.

Edu licenses are alot cheaper and as a result usually specify they are strictly "not for commercial gain" IE so as not to be used in competition with customers that paid full price for a commercial license.

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