T-Stick advice needed please!

k8nasha, Oct 11, 11:22pm
We are off to Starship with our young child who is having heart surgery and could be away for some weeks.

I would like to take my laptop in order to use email/internet banking etc and so rather than using public wireless connections I want to know if a T Stick would suit my purpose.I need to know:(a) How it works!(b) Can you use a Telecom T-Stick regardless of who your broadband supplier is, and what type of computer/operating system you use - we have Windows Vista Home application and are with Telstra Clear.Any help would be wonderful!

vtecintegra, Oct 11, 11:29pm
Yes you can use one fine, doesn't have to be Telecom though, vodafone and 2degrees also do them. You are probably better off with 2degrees as provided you are in the coverage area they are much cheaper.

roseree, Oct 11, 11:33pm
They all have contract or prepay plans.I have a prepay telecom T-stick works just like a prepay phone.Sounds like this would suit you best as you wouldn't be tied into a long term contract

roseree, Oct 11, 11:35pm
Also wish you and your family all the best with the surgery.

k8nasha, Oct 11, 11:57pm
Thanks so much vtecintegra and roseree - I appreciate the info very much.I am going off to investigate further!Thanks too for the best wishes roseree - it's been a long time coming and it's pretty scary (she's only 4 and this is surgery #2), just waiting for final confirmation as if they get an urgent surgery in we'll be waiting again!Trying to get things sorted as much as poss!Thanks again to both of you!

drcspy, Oct 12, 1:11am
whats wrong with public wifi where possible anyway it's usually free and t-stick /mobile connections are not cheap

k8nasha, Oct 12, 5:12am
Dunno about the security of public wifi with regards to online banking drcspy - but then I am somewhat technologically challenged!Am off down to the Telecom shop in the am to check it out - thanks all!

drcspy, Oct 12, 5:30am
there are encryption programs which can help

drcspy, Oct 12, 5:31am
but sure.use a t-stick or your phone(or whatever) to connect when you need to for such stuff but otherwise if you're 'just surfing' .try wifi as it's cheap/free.

guyh, Oct 12, 7:59am
I have my T-Stick charged back to my home phone when it is being used. I mentioned to Telecom their prepay rates were a bit on the high side, so they asked me what I would like to pay/do. I suggested a rate and that I would like it charged to my home phone account when used and they said no problem, we will hook you up right now! You just have to be prepared to talk nicely to them :)

k8nasha, Oct 12, 8:36pm
Thanks drcspy and guyh - I am always prepared to talk nicely!Seriously though, drcspy that's what I thought, for general surfing the free wifi would be great, and with the t-stick option I thought it would be handy for my banking etc as alot of the time I will be bound to the hospital - not sure if there's a free wifi option anywhere in the hosp.Hey, the charging to the home phone would be great guyh, will ask about that too.Thank you so much for taking the time to pop in and help me out. :)

jussa, Oct 12, 9:02pm
in regards to 2 degrees. does anyone know how much a 3gb top up is! im looking on the website and cant find anything.

jancemord, Oct 12, 9:12pm

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