Advice needed on a HP DV2000 laptop graphics issue

davo27, Oct 12, 9:09am
I am attempting to fix a friends DV2000 laptop which has vertical lines and horizontal lines at startup. No display through vga output either. I know these series of laptops have nvidia graphics issues however mine has intel integrated graphics (Mbrd #460715-001) not nvidia. Could this still be fixed with reballing or could it be something else. thanks. Dave

lythande1, Oct 12, 5:45pm
If you have to ask then you shouldn't be attempting to fix it.

kitkat66, Oct 12, 7:30pm
What a terrible attitude you have, are you going to tell me you've never fixed your own car,or decorated your house. Some people are having it rough out there. Why areyouso threatened by one person helping a mate out.It makes you sound sour. At the end of the day these message boards are to offer adviseArn't they!

lostdude, Oct 12, 10:42pm
No point telling us what graphics chip YOUR laptop has. what graphics chip does the laptop you're trying to fix have! Or are they one in the same!.

pcfix4u, Oct 12, 11:02pm
Google "HP DV2000 laptop graphics issue".

thers is heaps of info there.

Good luck.

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