I can't access stuff I stored on my usb storage...

mahairy, Jun 13, 12:37am
I can't access stuff I stored on my usb storagePlease can anyone let me know what I can do to get a resume i urgently need that i stored on a usb storage thing. The icon show like one of those that doesn't have a prog to open itbut it is only a word doc and exactly the same computer as i put it on in the first place.
Any help will be gratefully received!!

kingzzz, Jun 13, 12:38am
Have you been to 'my computer' and click on the usb drive there?

mahairy, Jun 13, 12:45am

0800xford, Jun 13, 12:47am
tried unplugging it waiting a few seconds then plugging it back in?

mahairy, Jun 13, 12:56am
Ummmmmmmm not just that , but tried it on 3 other computersi guess i need to take it to a computer guy to get him to fix it up....never mind.. thanks for trying!

rahto, Jun 13, 1:05am
Could it possibly be corrupted? Do you press "eject" on the usb flash drive icon (in my computer) before you take it out?

mahairy, Jun 13, 1:34am
Half the stuff is totally finepics, etc, only the word docs are buggared, so maybe corrupt? dunno.

swivel, Jun 13, 1:37am
Did you test the backup when you did it, to see if it worked correctly ? As it may have been a bad copy from the start, So probably not able to be fixed

mahairy, Jun 13, 5:30am
It was all fine.....I guess if I take it some computer joint they will tell me if they can or can't do it!. thanks

mahairy, Jun 13, 11:06am
No ideas.anyone else??

mahairy, Jun 17, 12:35am
Still...no ideas?

mrfxit, Jun 17, 12:43am
SoThe ORIGINAL prg that created THAT word doc, is STILL running on on the SAME computer?

blater, Jun 17, 12:48am
I would suggest that if all the other files are OK and just the Word docs, then it was unplugged before they were fully saved. As such, the files are probably toast, not a lot of point in paying someone to look at it, the drive is fine.

mrfxit, Jun 17, 12:55am
Agreed Should never save important file directly to a usb stick ONLY

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