Installing Printer Help Please

le-spike, Oct 13, 10:18pm
I am running windows 7 and I cannot for the life of me get my printer to install. The printer is a HP psc1210. I have tried google and downloaded and tried the things they recommend, but still no success. Any help appreciated.

hazelnut2, Oct 13, 10:22pm
From your sentences I understand you didn't get an installation disc, and that you've tried to download a driver!

hazelnut2, Oct 13, 10:23pm

boybad, Oct 13, 10:26pm
Do you have a driver for it! Does win7 support it! check 32 or 64bit.
Manually to install. Controll Pannel, Printers and Faxes, right click and add printer see if win7 got it in the list, or try auto from the net.

drcspy, Oct 13, 11:48pm
please describe EXACTLY what you tried.and what the EXACT error messages (if any) you got were and otherwise what the EXACT happenings/events/or lack of event was that leads you to believe you are having troubles.

bcbuilding, Oct 14, 10:25am
Most likely the OP tried to install the device as they should have - connect to PC via USB, let windows id and then install printer, then run windows update to get latest driver.They wouldn't get an error msg, because this process works fine.The exact happening is that the printer did not install.

This is not unusual with older HP all-in-ones and Windows 7, and seems to be par for the course if the driver is 'part of the operating system' asthe psc1210 driver is meant to be.

The reality is that win7 support for pre win7 HP all-in-ones is mediocre at best, and deliberate at worst.

OP - you can try the HP Universal Print Driver, I've found that the PCL 5 UPD has worked for HP AIO's, alternately manually install the basic hp deskjet driver - this has worked with laserjet AIO's in the past, but I haven't tried deskjets.

Neither of these options will get your scanner working properly though.

If you have network and an XP machine, you can install it to the XP machine with full functionality then share the printer, the Win7 box should be able to handle that - maybe.Again, no scan/fax functions for win7 though, and sometime you have to rollback to a simpler driver too.

Otherwise, maybe it is time for a new printer (or linux).

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