Wireless Printer

sharonann1, Oct 21, 7:10pm
Is there anyone in the Kaiapoi area who knows how to install a brother wireless printer!

crab2, Oct 21, 7:17pm
you should be able to follow the instructions on the computer screen

cognitive, Oct 21, 7:29pm
If it is anything like my Cannon, make sure the printer is talkin to your Wireless router first, should be a setup on the printer menu.I'd be thinkin.

drcspy, Oct 21, 7:33pm
try reading the manual !

sharonann1, Oct 21, 8:04pm
I have read the manual! Have got installed on computer but wont print!

spyware, Oct 21, 8:15pm
Use ping command from shell prompt to ping the printers IP address. Also best to give it a static IP rather than have it use DHCP. Then once you can ping it point the printer driver to the appropriate address (ports tab).

windsinger, Oct 21, 10:33pm
Did it come with a cd !

drcspy, Oct 21, 10:49pm
oh so now we get more information.what happens when you try to print !
do you get any kind of error message or what !

sharonann1, Oct 21, 11:32pm
Have tried putting in password etc, but cant even do that right! Told when got it it would be easy to set up! Yeah right!

sharonann1, Oct 21, 11:34pm
I am happy to pay someone to sort the thing out for me!

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