Acer iconia tab help

melanieg1, Oct 21, 8:17am
When I try watch videos on you tube through the tablet it will sometimes (maybe 60%) of the time play the wrong video. for example I could watch a video ondesktop computer of say a drag race. but when I go to watch the same video on tab it plays something totally different like a kareoke video or fishing clip,something totally unrelated. any ideas how to fix this its so annoying.

rohb, Oct 21, 10:23am
Have you tried UNINSTALL and RE-INSTALL YOUTUBE appz !.

cameragod, Oct 21, 8:25pm
I noticed this with the YouTube app but have had no problems if I view on the browser or tubemate.

melanieg1, Oct 22, 6:47am
It came with tablet, and it doesn't appear that it can be deleted. thanks cameragod. I shall try those alternatives.

patxyz, Oct 22, 6:49am
'clicking' the 'HD' button reloads the correct vid.

thetron, Oct 22, 10:07am
I've been having the same issue on my galaxy s phone & on our tablet. It seems to be since the last youtube app update

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