I usually go straight into Windows when pc was.

michelangelo135, Oct 20, 9:47pm
I usually go straight into Windows when pc was turned on. Now I have to click Administrator first. Is there a way to bypass that! Thanks.

lykaestria, Oct 20, 11:21pm
Oh yeah, I had that happen. I think it was a result of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 being installed. Check and see if it's installed, and if so, whether it was installed recently. I can't remember exactly how I stopped the log in screen from appearing without removing the Visual C++ 2005, but I think I fiddled round with something in User Accounts.

hakatere1, Oct 21, 12:05am

r.g.nixon, Oct 21, 12:12am
Yeah, awesome.
I use that new-fangled search thing too! Since 1996.

.pc2u., Oct 21, 12:17am
google tells you stuff.

r.g.nixon, Oct 21, 12:19am
Much better than Altavista. I stopped using that in 1997.

shinedog, Oct 21, 12:21am
Not without some input do you get output.

michelangelo135, Oct 21, 2:56am
It worked. Thanks. I wonder why Bill Gates made that silly move!

wombatunder, Oct 21, 3:15am
Wow! a double triple non-negative negative!

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